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Habit is one of the biggest enemies in the process of muscle development progress, and also includes in it is laziness and overtraining. So break those comfortable routines with all your heart. Lazy or even hate with the exercise of forearm rolls, cable hammer curls, etc. are sources that inhibit the formation of your arm muscles. And unfortunately that's what you are experiencing now, that is lazy and hate to do something new exercise. Try to do something you do not like for at least a month. Then you can go back to the favourit exercise routine that is for a month left. Rotate both (favourit and not) into one training program.
Step 3: Getting The Balance Right.

A classic mistake and a lot of people do when raising the focus arm glued to the biceps. Of course very impressive when REPS Mania all managed to have a muscle that "peaked". More impressive when the shape resembles the tip of the iceberg. To get a bicep like that, get used to train 'brachialis', ie the part under biceps. Remember this step emphasizes the balance, consequently the bottom should be also in the 'push' out so that the level is balanced with the top.

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In addition, make 2-3 levels of tricep training adjusted to your arm muscle size. Do not forget also to train forearms, because otherwise you will be impressed to have a muscle like a popeye tub that tends to reverse. His Forearms are fat while his arms are like twigs.

Furthermore, biceps include small muscles that can grow optimally only with weight training rather heavy and relatively short. So to maximize the biceps muscle produces okay, avoid bicep training up to 16 sets. Give the time lag on each set and try correctly in the time-out setting. For example, friends can combine reasonable exercises like 5 sets for biceps exercises (make sure 2 sets of them for brachial muscle), then 8 sets for triceps and 4 sets for forearms.

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