FIFA 17 Career: Game crashes from raman gumber's blog

In career mode in FIFA 17 it is now and then would crash before a game begins. Sometimes the screen goes black and freezes. Also, error messages with the crashes reported (CE-34878-0 FIFA).

EA advises on your website to change the difficulty level for testing purposes. Alternatively, you could also start a new career, according to the publisher and install pinch the game. The latter step would be drastic. Some players believe the cause to have been recognized and bring the crashes with the transfer window in Career Mode in conjunction. So there will be problems, if you buy player shortly before the end of the transfer window, and then want to use in a team. Accordingly, you should not with transfers so wait so long and buy players as early as possible.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: Objects from the catalog do not work

In FIFA 17 there in catalog bonuses for FIFA Ultimate Team, for example, coin-boosts. Some players report that they have received despite activation in catalog no bonuses in the game.

EA currently being investigated (as of September 28, 2015), the problems in the catalog in FIFA 17. The publisher advises initially to restart the console and to check whether the item from the catalog is available again.

FIFA 17 has as some earlier games of the series Bugs and glitches. It could be to sad and match-winning goalkeeper dropout or funny error as strange animations, similar to the sexual activity. check this site for fifa 17 hack tool

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