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"When I go back to the court in January, I will play my best basketball,(visit LOLGA.INC)" Parker said.

35-year-old Parker was in the Western Conference semifinals against the Rockets second field was injured, after which he accepted the left leg quadrant tendon tear surgery. At that time, the Spurs did not announce Parker's specific comeback schedule, but the injury cycle is generally 6-8 months.

For Parker, he will return to the stadium at the latest all-star weekend in February next year. This season's regular season, "French sports car" for the Spurs played 63 games, averaging 25.2 minutes, to produce 10.1 points and 4.5 assists and 1.8 rebounds data.

"When I was injured, I felt the first sense of frustration, or we really had the chance to go to the end, to compete for the championship," Parker said, "the coach's plan is very strict, I will play every game 20-25 minutes. Bears series, my performance is very good, I opened a good start for the playoffs. Unfortunately ... ... "

The first round of the playoffs, Parker averaged 27.2 minutes, 16.3 points and 3.0 assists and 2.2 rebounds recorded.

Park season after the reimbursement, the Spurs in the Western Conference semifinal 4-2 out of the Rockets, but in the Western Conference finals by the Warriors swept out.

At the beginning of the season Parker is still recuperating, Patty - Mills will enter the free market in July, so this summer the Spurs are likely to find a reliable point guard.

Has been in the league for 16 years of Parker, next season will be his current contract for the last year, the annual salary of 15.45 million US dollars.

Juventus will be in the Cardiff's Millennium Stadium and Real Madrid competition 2016-17 season Champions League championship, which is their last 3 years the second time reached the Champions League final, Juventus hope that the team can win in 1996 after 21 years Once again boarded the top of Europe. In the semi - finals of the illustrious exploits of Higuain said: "Juventus is the time to win the Champions League,(visit LOLGA.INC and (as long as the win) I do not care who scored.

"I agree that there is no doubt that it is time to win the Champions League. We have been working on this, and hope that our efforts will be the last to harvest the fruits of victory, which may be Is the biggest game we can play this season.We are training in the best condition, because we want to use the Champions League title for this perfect season draw a perfect stop, it will be an unparalleled thing. "Juventus Has won the Serie A and the Italian Cup champion, they are expected to become the Triple Crown this season.

Higuain in the semi-final for the team out of Monaco set illustrious military exploits, he will be in the final against the old club Real Madrid when knocked again? "I guess the final will be a difficult game, Real Madrid is accustomed to playing this game, where I played for seven years, very understanding of them - but we want to put them into the game, Juventus has always been the dream of the trophy back to Turin. Final goal? I just want to win, who goals does not matter, we entered the final is to win.Now we behave very well, has got two trophies, hope a few days And then come back with a trophy.

West Ham official announced that the official signing of Manchester City meritorious, free body player Sabaleta, the two sides signed a two-year contract, the contract period to the summer of 2019. This is West Ham's first deal this summer.

"It's an honor for me to be part of the West Ham Club, and I hope I can bring some moments for this club and I come to this club to enjoy my own football and hope that we can Sometimes, whether it is a man or(come to a football player, you need a new challenge.I think my life in Manchester City is over, it is very beautiful nine years, very perfect. I am a chance to fight the Premiership.As a player, I really enjoy it all.

After signing with West Ham, Sabaleta accepted the interview with the official website of the club, frankly hope to stay in the Premiership, before joining West Ham, "Of course, for me, I think it is time to start a new career. , As a player, I still want to stay in the Premier League, for me, I have been living in this country for a long time.This is my new challenge in the Premier League, I am ready, I am looking forward to!

Sabaleta is 32 years old, the Secretary right back, the former Argentine international, the summer of 2008 from the Spanish transfer to Manchester City, played in the blue moon for 9 years, a total of 333 appearances, scored 11 assists 28 times to help the team Won six championship trophies, including two Premier League titles, a FA Cup champion, two League Cup titles and a community shield. Sabaletta witnessed the rise of Manchester City, past a season played 32 times (click LOLGA), scored 2 goals assists 2 times. This summer, Sabaleta and Manchester City contract expires, earlier confirmed to leave Yi Dihad, and now the blue moon feat to find the next home, next season will represent the West Ham played in the Premier League.

Lakers president "magician" Johnson said the team is only one person is not for sale - Brandon - Ingram.

"England is probably the player we will never consider trading," the magician said. In other words, in addition to Ingram, the Lakers other players are sold.

Purple team has a lot of talented young people,(come to in addition to Ingram, there are De Angelo - Russell, Julius - Randall, Ivica - Zubac and Larry - Nance and others. "We are very excited about the young core lineup, and we want to build the team around the team," the magician said.

"I think that as long as a superstar can change our lineup and change our team," the magician said, "we may not be in the free market this summer," the magician said. There 's too much action, but I've heard that some players want to play for us, no matter when they become free.

It should be noted that Paul - George can jump out of the contract in the summer of 2018, become a completely free agent.

This year's NBA draft, the Lakers for the third consecutive year holding the second place to sign. The magician said that Langzo - Bauer reminds him of the young ones. "Lang Zuo's passing, organization and basketball IQ are very good, so he reminds me of my own young," said the magician.

US media forecast, the Lakers are likely this year's NBA draft, in the first round of the second overall pick Langzuo.

In addition to the second place, this year the Lakers also have the first round No. 28 signed. "I want to be a competitor," said the magician, "letting the future of the team be bright."

Manchester United ready to offer 75 million euros to buy Milan goalkeeper Dona Rama, they and Manchester City battle between the climax.

Dona Rama and AC Milan's contract is only one year to expire, although Milan hopes to leave the only 18-year-old goalkeeper, but the two sides of the contract negotiations did not make much progress. Dona Roma's agent is Raiola, he always wanted to be able to manipulate the player's contract to get the most benefit.

Manchester City plans to offer 35 million euros to buy Donna horse, but then Manchester United also joined the competition, offer to 45 million euros. And Manchester City to be outdone, directly to the offer increased to 70 million euros, hoping that the young goalkeeper to strengthen the door to the door of the weak links.

However, Manchester United may lose Deheya, but also to Donarum Ma Chi will get, will offer increased to 75 million euros. For Manchester United, if Real Madrid signed Deheya will certainly pay a lot of fees, so the Red Devils can be calmly involved in the fight for the Milan gods.

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Miami and Chris Bosh close to reach a buyout agreement. Once reached, "Dragon King" salary will no longer take up the team's salary space. 33-year-old Bosh since February last year, was found in the calf blood clot,(visit LOLGA.INC) no longer played the ball. According to the previous news, the doctor had said Bosh's basketball career had ended; after that, the Heat, Bosh and the players union had been trying to find a solution.

Bosh joined TNT in February as a five-week analyst. And the new labor agreement will be effective in July 1 local time, according to the new regulations, as long as the doctor proved Bosh can not continue his career, once he and the Heat reached a buyout agreement, the salary will not be included in the Heat's salary space.

If Bosh really agreed to buy out, the Miami Heat this summer will have enough salary space to strengthen the lineup.

Prior to an interview, the Miami Heat president Pat - Riley said he regretted the top salary signed Bosh. In the 2014 offseason, LeBron - James announced to return to Cleveland, the Miami Heat in order to prevent the Rockets from hitting, and Bosh continued a five-year total value of $ 118 million contract.

Bosh's existing contract for two years, have full protection, next season's annual salary is 25.3 million US dollars, 18-19 season is 26.8 million US dollars, most will be borne by the insurance company.

Bosh said in an interview, he still wanted to continue his career. But there are indications that there is no one NBA team will seriously consider signing Bosh.

Bosh has been in the league 13 years, has played for the Raptors and Miami Heat, played a total of 893 regular season, of which 881 starting, averaging 35.8 minutes, to produce 19.2 points 8.5 rebounds and 2.0 assists 1.0 blocks of data.


1. draw too much, 15 draw to create team history Ying Chao record, which led directly to Manchester United's winning too few, even lower than the Moyes and Van Gaal era. This is mainly because Manchester United players to seize the opportunity of the poor ability to waste the number of opportunities to break the Premiership first, if not so waves(visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins, they can get more wins, get a higher ranking, the first four is not a problem.

2. Injury is too much, Ibrahimovic, Rojo, Luke - Shaw, Ashley - Young's season reimbursement on Manchester United sprint stage of the two-line operations have a great negative impact, Jones, Smolling, , Mata and other major players have also been troubled by injuries. This is mainly related to the schedule, players overwork (play 64 games, intensive super three crown season), but Manchester United's medical team should take responsibility for more efforts in the prevention and recovery.

3. From the individual players, "100 million Mr." Borgba's overall performance is difficult to satisfactory, the lack of decisive play, recorded 5 goals and 4 assists, assists basic through the "69" connection to Ibrahimovic. Luck is also against him, 6 times in the box Premier League second. In order to activate the wave Pa, Mourinho constantly changing position, giving him plenty of opportunity to play, he also gradually find the state, to reduce the dribbling and waves, play more concise and more efficient, next season there is still a lot of room for improvement.


1. Mourinho's build, Manchester United's defense is more stable, 38 rounds only lost 29 goals, less than the champion Chelsea, only more than Tottenham. New aid Bailey's most stunning performance, the original reckless Rojo also qualitative improvement, Herrera in the midfield put up a barrier, even Berger also increasingly active retreat defensive.

2. In the case of Ibrahimovic reimbursement, Rushford came forward to play the important task, the key moment often break the Savior, showing more mature than last season's style. Can be seen in the big first words and deeds under the teachings, he made more progress, even next season to join the new striker, pull the master can also fight with.

3. The final round In order to prepare for the European Cup final, Mourinho sent more than young players, Harrow, Angel - Gomez, Mitchell and other stars to complete the first show, they and Rushford, Fusu - Mensa, Tu'an Zeber, like, represents the future of Manchester United.

In the third game, Leonard continued to leave, David - Lee in the first section will be due to injury exit, the results Ginobili stood out, the 39-year-old veteran in less than 18 minutes 9 vote 7, the extremely efficient cut 21 points. In the battle with the powerful opponents of the process, Ginobili three game averaged 13.3 points, hit rate as high as 63.6%. Although the Spurs are currently 0-3 behind the total score, but Ginobili is undoubtedly a major highlight of the team.

In the last summer, Ginobili and the Spurs signed a 1 + 1 contract (come to, he will decide this summer is to continue the implementation of the contract, or retired.

Despite the outstanding performance in the series with the Warriors, but Ginobili is still in the previous series with the Grizzlies, the first 15 shots all lost to heart. "I am now with me in the Grizzlies series, are the same person, of course, you seem to be very concerned about this. In fact, I was me, never change, but sometimes I will perform well, sometimes play In the doldrums, and sometimes to hit the shooting, sometimes alive and alive. "Ginobili said.

"I have been talking about the beginning and end of the sentence is, regardless of the final win or can not win, regardless of the last game scored 20 points or a point without, will not change me, or change my decision. Because the last game of personal feeling, and discard the previous 9 months of thoughtful.No doubt, decommissioning is a need for comprehensive consideration, I will try not to think about this, focus on the game, as I recently And wait until the end, and see what happens. "Ginobili continued.

In his career, Manu Ginobili has launched 992 regular season games, 213 playoff games, he has twice been selected NBA All-Star, and has four times to help the Spurs win. In the last summer, Duncan has announced his retirement. This time, I do not know Manu will make what kind of decision.


01 - Conti style severely punished details

As a head coach, Conti is a "Henjiao Se", often seen in the game, if the Chelsea players and even assistant coach what aspects are not good enough, Conti will be directed at them cursed or beat The

02 - cure Mu Shuai left after the trauma

Last season, Mourinho led poor results forced to half-way class, the British media pointed out that Mourinho and some Chelsea players do not and can not reconcile the contradiction between the locker room, and even suspected Chelsea "ghost" directly off Mourinho (click FIFA 17 Coins. Followed by fire fighting coach Hiddink took office, but the Chelsea record is still not much improvement, and ultimately only ranked No. 10 missed the war in Europe, Hiddink also after the end of the season. At this time Chelsea high-level phase of the Conti, the two sides hit it off, Chelsea before the end of the season has been declared Conti coach Blues decision.

03 - to create a good team atmosphere

2016 European Cup, was not optimistic about the Italian team played well into the quarterfinals, and ultimately only in the penalty shootout lost to Germany, some people think that Italy is one of the reasons for the extraordinary play is the creation of a good team atmosphere.

04 - Conti's obsession and desire for success

Conti attention to detail, and actively do a good job with the players, the relationship between high-level, to create a good team atmosphere, all of which are derived from Conti's obsession and desire for success, his bones do not allow failure.

05 - Conti's tactical achievement

Premier League sixth round, Chelsea guest 0-3 defeated Arsenal, the Chelsea attack and defense at both ends of the play are very bad, after the game Kong Di said, "We start from the first minute, the game attitude is very correct, The strength of our paper looks like a strong team, but it is not the case on the pitch.

British media "Daily Mail" news that Yayatu Lei in Manchester City's future peak, he is expected to renew the team, continue to effectiveness in the Etihad.

This season, Yaya Tourei was tragically Manchester City coach Guardiola blocked, the relationship between the two sides is very tense, Côte d'Ivoire superstar agent Selluke frankly, Yayatu Lei was forced to leave Barcelona in the summer of 2009, is Guardiola caused The Last summer, Guardiola took Manchester City's pointer, and then together with Yaya Toure. For a long time, Yayatu Lei can not play for Manchester City, he and his agent Seruke are publicly accused Guardiola. Fortunately, the last sub-Yadu Lei and Selluke choose to apologize, Guardiola re-opening Côte d'Ivoire star.

November 19 last year, Manchester City away 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace Premier League, Yaya Toure lifted the return, scored twice to arrange two goals, a strong declaration of return. Coupled with the reimbursement of the season (visit FIFA 18 Coins), midfielder position, Yaya Toure once again become the main iron. From the whole season, Yayatuole although 34 years old, but the sword is not old, still able to give Manchester City light heat, fleet street disclosure, due to reconciliation with Guardiola, the two sides have no personal contradictions, it is intended to Côte d'Ivoire star a new contract , Let him stay in Etihad.

It is reported that Yayatu Lei and Manchester City contract expired this summer, if there is no renewal, then the Côte d'Ivoire superstar will leave as a free agent. Prior to this, Manchester City has officially confirmed that the effectiveness of nine years old Argentine right-back Sabaleta, after the expiration of the contract this summer, will leave the team as a free agent. From the British media "Daily Mail" point of view, Yayatu Lei is clearly more useful than Sabaleta. Of course, Yayatuolei Manchester City also has a prerequisite, that is, must pay cuts, the club can not accept his £ 230,000 weekly salary.

Yaya Toure in the summer of 2009 to join Etihad, Manchester City to Barcelona to pay a transfer fee of 24 million pounds. So far, Yayatuole on behalf of Manchester City played 297 times, scored 78 assists 48 times to help the team won six championship trophies, including two Premier League champions, a FA Cup, two League Cup And a community shield.

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