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Life insurance plans are designed to make life easy for their beneficiaries. The life insurers study the problems that a person can face and device financial solutions to ease them. One of the big problems many people struggle with is to provide a sound future to their kids. Cost of higher education is really back breaking and is one of the biggest stress causing factors among parents. To ease this problem to a good extent life insurance companies have come up with a specialized plan called child insurance.

Child insurance plans carry dual benefit for the child. First, they help generate a good corpus by investing the premiums in a fund that can either be endowment based or ULIP based. Second, they provide a life cover to the investing parent of which the child is the beneficiary. In case of the death of the policyholder, the insurance company waives off the future premiums and continues to invest in that fund on the policyholder's behalf. Moreover, it pays a lump sum or period amount for the maintenance of the child. Thus, these plans protect the interest of the child even when you are not with him/her.

Saving money on our own can be difficult as we cannot be that much disciplined unless we enter into a plan which necessitates us to deposit a particular amount or else it would lapse. Such routine is mandatory for systematic saving and investment. The returns from other funds or investments can get spent on other things. That is why it would be better if you have a dedicated child plan in your investment portfolio of which only your child would be the beneficiary.

As per financial experts, investing in such a plan should be started as early as possible to have more time for your money to grow. Ideally you should start comparing Investment Plan For Child of various companies as soon as you know about the pregnancy. There are over a score of companies selling such plans and offer differentiated plans to stay competitive. Effective plan comparison and market research shall ascend you towards the most suitable plan from a reputed company.

For effective comparison you may try services of an insurance web aggregator. On a web aggregator website you can compare plans of scores of companies at a single web location and that too free of cost. Such effective comparison brings more confidence in your purchase and helps you take educated steps in selecting your plan type. Based on such comparison and analysis you can decide whether to go for an Endowment based child plan or a ULIP based child plan. Comparing premiums with your budget you can decide how much cover to go for.

If you are a parent then initiate the process now without wasting further time. Your smart actions now would earn you enormous gratitude from your kid in the future. Don't miss the opportunity to have that puffed up chest when your kid makes a lucrative career for himself. His hard work won't do that alone. He needs your financial support to climb that ladder.



If you are one of the people who think talking about child life insurance brings bad luck, you should rethink. The insurance is something that can tide you and your family in bad times. It is not akin to a will or a testament to be written by the aged and terminally ill people. In fact the majority of insurance policy holders are people aged 25 to 45 years, who are engaged in a variety to professions ranging from risky ones such as defense to safer ones such as civil engineering. It is not always that a person has to be under imminent threat to take a insurance policy.

By a similar logic, you need a children life insurance for your beloved child because accidents are inevitable. There are several benefits of going for children life insurance policy. Some of them are:

1) Most of the insurance policies give you can option of payment of the insurance money in event of death of the child or at expiry of a certain period. It is like a mutual fund that will mature around the time your child is ready to go to a college and reduce your burden of financing his/her college education to a large extent.

2) Investment Plan For Child also helps the parents in tiding over the loss of business or other opportunities in wake of the tragic incident. You might end up losing job or a trade consignment in mourning and you might end up in a financial distress you need to deal with.

3) Child life insurance policies can also help you with managing for a better education and better life for your other children. The loss of loved ones can never be compensated with money but if it helps in building up lives of other loved ones, it should be taken into account.

4) Another good reason for taking a insurance policy for a child is that you have to pay minimal premiums over a long period of time. You can also continue it till your child starts earning and gets it converted to an adult life insurance policy.

Your child is your treasure and you would want to give him/her a perfect life and the best education possible. An insurance policy is one of the methods to ensure that you have more resources at your disposal when needed.