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Yup, first time I noticed them make that mistake. Not sure how often they do it but this time it worked out pretty good for me, got some extra trait items, crystals and sellable elixirs.

I also collected and opened star boxes on 8 different mules a day, which netted me around 1 to 4 cubic blades a day on average. One day I even got SIX cubic blades! Lots of good trait boosters and I think around 2 or 3 thousand superior crystals and around 4 or 5 hundred purple powder to Buy MapleStory Mesos. Also around 1 million mesos per day in sellable elixirs.

All in all a very nice event, plus got a lot of nice looking damage skins on my mules.

I also made a guide thingy to know which ones to do for easy coins...


Summeron - Complicated Wish - Cancer

Power Elixir, Orange Mushroom, Ear Plug Plead

Summeron - Perfect Pair - Gemini

Buy 100 Lemon, 100 Orange, and 100 Apple

Wintersia - Wetwork - Aquarius

Buy 200 White HP potions and 200 Blue MP potions

Wintersia - A Hidden Talent - Sagittarius

Weaken enemies, put in bags

Springtean - Papa Don't Charge - Taurus

Autumist - Higher Ground - Scorpio


Springtean - Minar Monsters - Aries

Springtean - Making Friends - Pisces - 6 min with 2x and spider

Autumist - Confessions of the Rich and Famous - Libra - 10 min with 2x and spider

Autumist - Everlasting Youth - Virgo - 9 min with MS Mesos and Spider


Summeron - I'm Not Lion - Leo

Wintersia - Lost Innocence - Capricorn

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By TamamShamoon
Added Jan 19 '16



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