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Cedar is one of the most common materials in roofing and is used for both commercial and residential buildings. When you consider the finishing touches on your home, it is what makes cedar roofing such an excellent choice of material and the overall look you hope to achieve. There are two types of cedar wood used for roofing, red and white. Because of its durability Red cedar is the preferred material and it is often the most common material used during roofing projects. Because of its premium quality it is the costlier material of the two, White   chicago cedar roofing company   is a cheaper alternative. red cedar contains a natural preservative called tannic acid When considering the protection of your home, which helps it remain naturally resistant to rot and decay. Red cedar also helps protect your home due to its strength and durability from unrelenting elements such as strong winds or heavy rains. Cedar Roofing Contractor (847) 827-1605
Choosing between shingles or shakes is the next question which comes in front. Shingles are sawn from woodblocks and can either be sawn or sanded; on the other hand Shakes can either be hand split or taper sawn. Shingles have an overall refined look with a consistent appearance, thickness, and width, where as shakes are less uniform in appearance, thickness, and width than shingles. Cedar wood contains natural preservatives that protect your home and when it comes to cedar roof repair in Chicago then A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc is the best option you can have.
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