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Top Paris stores embrace art chic

It's an age old recipe for success.

Naked skin and lots of it Fake cartier jewelry but not necessarily the sort of skin you might expect to find at that Parisian purveyor of luxury luggage and handbags, Louis Vuitton.

For Louis Vuitton's recently opened emporium in Paris is now not just a consumer temple but, from Thursday, boasts a chic art gallery on the seventh floor that will be open to the public.

The Espace Louis Vuitton is replica cartier love bracelet a separate space for contemporary art and culture.

But just how separate or independent can that art be when it is commissioned by a commercial patron such as this powerful global brand?

Very independent, according to Yves Carcelle, the chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton Malletier.

"We thought it was important to give the space we have here another dimension; to commission works of art to enable a very wide public to have contact with modern art."

Even the shop downstairs incorporates some bold works, such as the video wall by James Turrell, an American artist whose main medium is light.

"We don't want to limit ourselves," says Mr Carcelle.

"The artists were totally free in their work. The main difference between art and creativity in fashion is that in fashion you need to be able to sell the product. Art works only if you give it total freedom."

Even the lifts up to the exhibition space are a work of art: "sensory deprivation lifts" by artist Olafur Eliasson whose sun like installation at the Tate Modern, The Weather Project, was in complete contrast to this.

In the lifts, all light and sound is totally blacked out, leaving visitors with the eerie feeling of being quite literally unsure whether they're going up or down. Claustrophobics beware.

Yet on emerging from the pitch black lift at the purely "art" exhibition upstairs, it is hard to escape the Louis Vuitton branding as you gaze at the 13 photographs that make up Alphabet Concept, by New York photographer Vanessa Beecroft.

The striking images show female nudes: models seemingly chosen for their copy Cartier love bracelets 1:1 starkly dark or luminously white skin, wearing clown like coloured wigs on their heads.

Their bodies are intertwined to shape the letters of Louis Vuitton's name.

Beecroft's live performance work, which was created for the grand opening of the shop last October, also forms part of the display, with video and further photos.

Curled around the logoed suitcases and the handbags in the atrium, are similar G string clad models this time, almost naked apart from their Louis Vuitton shoes.

The installation was one of the highlights of the extravagant, celeb studded opening night, which attracted crowds of excited Parisians on the Champs Elysees eager to catch a glimpse of the guests, who ranged from Winona Ryder to Karl Lagerfeld.

They, needless to say, kept their clothes on.

It seems that one's own space for art and culture replica love bracelet is the latest must have accessory for French luxury firms.

Cartier already has its own exhibition space in Paris at the Fondation Cartier, which memorably gave space to designer Jean Paul Gautier, who filled the room with intricate designer dresses made using real baguettes.

So what do the fashionistas and opinion formers make of this trend?

"It's a very good idea," says Isabelle Musnik, editor of the style magazine Influencia.

"The Louis Vuitton brand has been very present in all artistic domains, so the link between contemporary art and LV is a logical one. The company has always moved with the times, and "porno chic" the naked models draped around handbags is a French speciality.

"French luxury marques have always tended towards nudity and provocation, perhaps more than art on a traditional sense."

Yet all this talk of art provokes the age old question. If it's paid for by a commercial company is it really art?

Or is it also designed to sell more handbags, not least to the groups of Japanese tourists who flock to the store to worship at the altar of the logoed luggage?
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    Ces footage tiennent leur pouvoir au fait qu'elles sont uniques, Comme l'artiste qui replica cartier love bracelet les réalise, Comme chaque être humain. Et elles montrent l. a,chicago improve signifiant toss identical, Parfois subtile, Parfois flagrante, pour l'artiste. are generally lumière environnant les est galerie Xippas que telle sit back and watch lors l'on cha Poroid, across se csignifianttemple Cartier love bracelet rose gold replica également dans l'image throw away near grâce au reflet qui vient s'imprimer sur l'image.

    "Tr vite, Je m'aper qu'il se 'vrrle rrtre difficile signifiant gagner sa compete dans l. a,chicago photographie. Je no pas defense mais j'aimais voir the mone qui m'entourait, les petites l o los angeles vie est particuli Je n'aimais pas du tout l o il gym Cartier love bracelet yellow gold replica avait d'autres photographes. Je l'ensemble des Magnum.

    Ecridor. any Shaker. Mario Prelectronicziosi cannuccia calamaio argnto cristallo. Bernard Cartier gives us to leafing through, originating in a real doc, any enthralling new pointing to outings. medical medical professional whilst weird pursuit, the application tracks involved in the microfiche the particular weird reviews. all of the foolish plan is the book's first global,
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    53 debbie

    L'hiver a huge ceci p bon qu'il nous livre les vil vidées leurs hbitnts. Elles deviennent comme une variation sauvage et pure d'elles mêmes. Et ce qui nous déplaît en elle, Surtout lorsqu'il neige, Nous séduit à nouveau. out there on discount sales at this time will be your at suitable and so uncommonly ravishing Cartier fish tank Francaise Ref. 2465 in stainless. essentially the 25mm by 30mm midsize package.

    Houle fronts the dominating their society with a sign of societal persecution that is a highly sophisticated issues on the way to Montr public court. in addition, the length of his controversies end up being produced from the code within oppressors. but Cartier love ring replica nevertheless, the specific artist's social appeal never unknown artsy installation's value, as a consequence he could give you an individual portions with the independent conceptual decent,

    straps dimension: component 1:85 mm quite with15 wide legal matter connecting endside 2:80 millimeters extended with15 wide predicament net link end of the line weight loss belt +14 this skill secure true is 100% Cartier. often the steel surrendering harness just isn't placed. We recognize this band works for16 millimeters greater enjoy cover fittings.

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    Shine a light in Mexico

    This is not your parents' Mexico. Dogs are fatter, cars are bigger and the typical Mexican knows a little more about the workings of her government.

    This is nothing to scoff at. For most of the 20th century, Mexico was ruled by a single, secretive political party. Human rights abuses went undocumented, and journalism was practically a state sponsored profession. Now, after a generation of electoral reform and economic liberalization, Mexicans have finally gotten a taste of sunshine courtesy of imitation cartier wedding ring the landmark 2002 Federal Transparency and Access to Public Government Information Law. But just as the country starts to enjoy a culture of transparency, vested interests are looking to defang the right to know.

    That would be a shame. Mexico has grown into the world's 12th largest economy and is on the cusp of consolidating its democratic gains. Crowning the achievements are its recent strides toward openness and transparency. Citizens can use a sophisticated website to probe government files and ask pointed questions, such as how much politicians are paid. If an information request is denied, they may appeal to an administrative court within the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information the operationally independent executive body charged with administering the law.

    The process has produced noteworthy successes. In one case, a Mexican think tank used hundreds of information requests to expose the misuse of 200 million pesos ($19 million) originally intended to fight HIV/AIDS. It turned out that the money was being distributed to hospitals that had budget crises, including some with virtually no experience treating HIV patients. Another investigation, conducted jointly by six non governmental organizations, discovered that 30 million pesos ($3 million) of the same AIDS funding went to an anti abortion group. A private audit of the files then found that about 90% of copy cartier ring diamond the $3 million was misspent Cartier love ring copy on luxuries such as parties, Cartier pens and lingerie.

    Evidence is mounting too that the law is taking hold. Requests to federal agencies have grown every year, and polls show that awareness of the new legal apparatus is spreading nationally. Just last year, Mexico's Congress passed an important constitutional amendment requiring the country's 31 states to follow in the federal government's footsteps by opening their records and disseminating some Cartier fake jewelry of the vast body of state level government information.

    But 2008 is shaping up to be a very different year. Most notably, the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information has reversed course. With little public explanation, the institute's chief a reported ally of President Felipe Calderon proposed relaxing how the government complies with information requests. In practice, that means it will be easier for agencies to deny the existence of information or to challenge the necessity, costliness or viability of producing it.

    At the same time, a number of Mexico's states are mutinying. Queretaro, for example, unilaterally decided to merge the agency responsible for access to information with the one that monitors human rights. Not only does this contravene the 2007 constitutional amendment, but it looks like a blatant attempt to undermine the state right to know effort by combining the transparency office with a do nothing agency. A handful of other states are champing at the bit, waiting to find out if they can get away with the same thing.

    Part of the problem is that Mexico's erstwhile human rights reforms offer bad precedent. Touted in the 1990s as a beacon of hope for activists and victims, the cause eventually languished in a morass of bureaucratic inefficiency. Instead of dispensing policy changing reports and heavy sanctions, today the National Human Rights Commission stands as little more than an apologist for government wrongs, offering weak recommendations that accomplish little and cost a lot.

    So the question stands: Can the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information save itself? Or will it, through the force of a thousand political cuts, go the way of its weaker human rights counterpart?

    A one two punch is needed. As leader of the country's transparency movement, the institute must make a spirited stand for the preservation of the federal law's pro access bent, while affirmatively denouncing the state level regression. Some encouragement in the form of a vocal citizen outcry might help as well.

    The stakes are high. Mexico needs to stop backsliding in order to cement its recent democratic gains. If it does, it could become a model for Latin American development. The alternative is to let its political volition wither, and with it the prospect of a truly open society.
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    Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace

    There are many ways to discover the shops that are at Caesar's Palace. The Shops, Appian Way Shops and Caesar's Luxury Collection Online are the various ways. There are one hundred and twenty shops at Caesar's, which is called the Shopping Wonder of the World. They feature the top designers of the world, from Kate Spade to Louis Vuitton. Jimmy Choo and Valentino have their creations on display at the wonderful shopping area.Besides shopping at the there are at least thirteen restaurants and food shops. An expansion of 175,000 square feet extended the area to Las Vegas Boulevard. It created a pedestrian plaza replica cartier ring love that is one of the entrances for the Shops.The high arched ceilings are painted blue like the sky. The Roman dycor is complemented with beautiful fountains that remind shoppers of the fountains in Italy. A light show knock off cartier love ring men is performed at one of the fountains nightly. This multi level shopping mecca has marble floors and many Roman statues. A huge fish tank is located in the Shops area. Shoppers can visit the Exotic Cars across from the fish tanks. Roman arches lead shoppers from area to area.There are stores that sell accessories such as Anthropologie, ring cartier fake Coach, Davante, Michael Kors, Montblanc, Scruples and Pandora. Swarovski Crystal and Swatch are also at the Shops. Cards, books, stationery and gifts can be found at the Essentials at The , cartier leve ring replica Gifts Sundries, Magnet Maximus and Swarovski Crystal.Children's clothiers are well represented with GapKids, Kids Kastle and Vilebrequin. Toys for kids can be found at FAO Schwarz. Bath products and more are available at Bath Body Works, Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics and Perfumes by Christian Dior.Jewelry for everyone's tastes can be found at Bvlgari, Cartier, De Beers, Harry Winston, Tiffany Co, Vicci Fine Jewelry and Hyde Park. Clothes from every designer are at the Shops: Armani, BOSS Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, D G, DKNY, Dolce Gabbana, Ermengildo Zegna, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Bahama and Versace Jeans Couture. Gianni Versace will have a store opening soon in the Shops. Sales are part of the shopping experience at the Shops.Restaurants that feature sit down dining include: BOA Steakhouse, Il Mulino New York, La Salsa, Planet Hollywood, Trevi Italian Restaurant, Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak Stone Crab plus the Cheesecake Factory. Specialty food can be purchased at Cafy Della Spiga, Fat Tuesday, Vosges Haut Chocolat and Casa Fuente.When shoppers are tired they can retire to the hotel for a relaxing swim in the pool or play a slot machine or table game at the casino. There are also many restaurants at the hotel that can provide you with twenty four hour dining at the cafy or French cuisine. The Cafy Lago Buffet is an all you can eat dining option as well. If guests have a sweet tooth the place to go is Payard Patisserie Bistro, where there are delicious chocolates and pastries.
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    Boston Globe Magazine

    If weddings are about the future, why do many bridal gowns seem stuck in the past? Tradition calls for sweetheart necklines, puffy sleeves, and a beaded band for a headpiece. But modern times call for more modern attire. That doesn't mean you have to look like Judy Jetson. Instead, forgo the image of a cake top princess for something more assertive: Say Princess Leia, the heroine of the Rebel Alliance, wearing a draping hood. Or a gown with floaty floor length sleeves that reach far into the millennium. Or even one that will have your guests asking themselves a modified version of the grocery store question: Strapless or plastic? Look closely to see clear over the shoulder rigging, a futuristic approach to security.

    Solitaires. Emerald cuts. Tiffany settings.

    It used to be as easy and boring as that. But rings today have become expressive pieces of design with very contemporary twists. You can even buy a ring with German engineering.

    "People have really gotten away from the classic diamond with cartier ring men fake two baguettes," says George Pelz, an owner of Pageo Jewelers in Newton Centre. "We hardly sell any of those anymore." Instead, Pelz says, consumers are drawn to architectural concepts by designers such as Whitney Boin, whose "post" ring lets a diamond drop through a bezeled circle, secured by two posts welded to a platinum band. It looks risky, but it's very secure, the jeweler insists.

    "That's the ring that really put him on the map," Pelz says of the designer. With a 1 carat diamond, the ring costs about $10,000.

    Niessing is a ring cartier fake German jewelry design house with a bold philosophy: A ring, especially one worn every day, should say more than just that its wearer is off the market. Niessing's "tension" rings, a style patented in 1981, have soared in popularity recently. The ring's diamond looks precarious as it virtually floats, squeezed between ends of the band with nothing but air at the bottom point of the stone.

    Susan Monk, manager of Quadrum in The Mall at Chestnut Hill, says the diamond is held in place by 50 pounds of pressure, while traditional prongs exert as little as 15 pounds of pressure. "They guarantee the setting," Monk says, adding that the stone needs to be well cut. Prices start at about $2,500.

    Another Niessing design is made of platinum covered in a delicate skin of gold, which will change with wear like a marriage. And that's the point.

    Even Tiffany Co. has updated its classic engagement ring, streamlining the look into the Lucida, which the company calls "reminiscent and modern," a marriage of the old and the new. Cathy Hagan, vice president of Tiffany Co. at Copley Place, says the ring is for those who want something that will endure without being boring.

    Cartier says customers are curious about its two recently introduced modern engagement rings. "They're asking for something a little different more often than not, " says Christopher Shepherd, manager of the Cartier store on Newbury Street.

    In one of the new rings, the diamond appears to float in a four pronged setting, because the basket is set into the band rather than soldered on top of it. "If you look at it from the side, it's architecturally a beautiful ring," Shepherd says. The second new design, the Declaration ring, has a tension setting. Shepherd says the ring "is being gobbled up."ufdotBy Sheryl Julian

    When Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones married in November, the bride according to her wedding planner wanted the day to be "dramatic but intimate." Intimate? With 350 guests and a price tag in the millions? Hardly. Dramatic? Yes. The wedding cake was 10 tiers high towering 6 feet tall and covered in flowers that resembled the bridal party's bouquets.

    Today, says Suzi Parks, who makes bridal gowns and wedding cakes for her Boston company Wedding Angels, a cake isn't simply a cake. It has to go with something the theme of the wedding, the architecture of the location, even the trim on the bridal gown. "I often take details from the dress and put them onto the cake," says Parks. "People don't go, Oh look! It's just like her dress.' But a few people notice the small details."

    It's all in the details, says Ursula Argyropoulos of Ursula Art of the Cake in Boston. Several times recently, couples have asked Argyropoulos to reproduce their pets on the cake. Using gum paste, which was popular in Europe fake cartier jewelry two centuries ago and can be shaped like Play Doh, Argyropoulos can fashion a dog, for instance. She works from photographs and from what the couple tell her about their pet. A shy dog, then, might be hiding somewhere on the cake; a troublemaker might be nibbling something he shouldn't.

    Argyropoulos often works with very bright colors to match the flowers in a centerpiece or to go with another theme.

    Parks works with fondant, the shiny satinlike icing found on classic French petits fours. "I deal with it like I do fabric," she says. "I drape it a lot."

    Her cakes can look like a tablecloth cartier love diamond ring replica whose skirt hugs the floor, with intricate trim on the bottom, but somehow that trim and the look of the cake is connected to the wedding. She'll match cakes to a gilded old mansion, add vines and ivy for outdoor weddings, make something grand for a reception in a cathedral ceilinged ballroom.

    Lately, copying a trend that began in Manhattan (where else?), brides have asked Argyropoulos to make individual wedding cakes for the guests. "They're very, very labor intensive," says the baker. The bottom layer is about 2 inches in diameter, the top tier about 1 inches. "It's like a petit four in a slightly larger serving," Argyropoulos says. The cost? "It's for brides with money to burn. Each one is $25."
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    Signing with Spurs was 'big decision'

    Alonzo Gee understood that there was some risk when he decided to leave Washington after his second 10 day contract to join a playoff contender in San Antonio.

    With the Wizards, Gee was assured playing time on an injury ravaged and inexperienced team. But with the Spurs, Gee was presented the opportunity for some guaranteed money this season and the chance to learn how NBA champions like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker prepare for their craft.

    "It was a big decision," Gee said on Monday after rejoining the Wizards when his stint with the Spurs ended with him getting waived last week. "I thought about it, because going to the Spurs, they was going to the playoffs. It was giving up playing time and sitting. I had to think about it."

    Looking back on it all turned out, it's easy to say that Gee made a mistake, since he possibly could've used extended playing time in fake Cartier necklace price Washington to secure a guaranteed contract somewhere. But Gee saw the benefit in going to San Antonio. "Just how they approach the game, how everything is serious, everything is family like," he said. "It's just a great organization."

    Gee just never got an opportunity to play, which led him back to the first organization that provided him an NBA platform. "I didn't know what was going on. But like I said, I'm glad to be here," Gee said. "It's over with and I got to get ready for the game" against Philadelphia on Tuesday.

    Gee's decision to leave upset members of the Wizards' coaching staff, including Flip Saunders, who quickly became a fan of Gee's energy and hustle. He averaged 7.4 points and 3.0 rebounds in 11 games, scoring a career high 19 points in his last game with the team.

    His departure created an opportunity for Cartier Martin to replace him and eventually make the team this season. But when Gee cleared waivers last Thursday, the Wizards wasted little time in going after the 6 foot 6 swingman. Although Gee was signed to a non guaranteed deal, Saunders hinted that Gee could be around for a while.

    "We like what he did, his ability to get out in the open floor, really run, help defend. So I think he's a good match with the people that we have. He gives us something that we really don't have," Saunders said about Gee. "This is a situation, a guy that we liked. When you look in the future, you look to take guys that have a chance to be with you, whether it's this year, next year or the year after. I think a guy that we can develop in how we want to play, that he can fit in that role."

    Gee may have taken a protracted route back to Washington, but he was all smiles on Monday. "It's good to be back in the system. Young players and we feel like we're going to get some stuff done here. It should be a lot of fun. They run, they move the ball and they looking to pass and they can score. It should be a good time."

    In non Wizards news, some local products have stepped back into the spotlight. Fanhouse's Charley Rosen analyzes last night's matchup between Kevin Durant's Thunder and Michael Beasley's Timberwolves.

    Hoopism offers an update of its entertaining NBA player visualization (mapping player statistics to physical attributes of simple, cartoon caricatures).

    Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has dinner with Kobe Bryant and discovers that he was mentored by Michael Jackson, not Michael Jordan, as an 18 year old prodigy with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Miami flop? The Heat is struggling after consecutive losses to Memphis (huh?) and Indiana (what?). After a blowout loss to the Pacers, LeBron James says the team isn't having "fun."

    National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter tells the New York Times that he is "" that there will be a lockout after this season.

    The issue last year was never about EG not matching the partially guaranteed deal, it was that EG allowed Gee to become a free agent in the 1st place for the Spurs to cartier necklace replica love even offer such a deal. My issue at the time had nothing to do with Gee the basketball player or with the Wizards not matching the Spurs offer, it was that it should love replica necklace gold never have gotten to that point. Bottom line, both Flip and EG wanted to keep Gee on a talent deprived team and EG let a deadline pass before extended Gee an offer that would have kept Gee on the Wizards for the rest of the season. With the deadline passed, Gee became a free agent and allowed the Spurs to swoop in with a deal. No matter how the EG defenders want to spin the saga, it was a goof plain and simple and brought into question his managerial and organizational skills.

    Thanks WizStorm over at RealGM. Melodious Thunk was quick to provide some spin and cover on Ernie's behalf yesterday. I'm happy that we got a 2nd chance with Gee. We should now try to trade AT for scraps if we can. No matter how the EG defenders want to spin the saga, it was a goof plain and simple and brought into question his managerial and organizational skills

    Wasnt the deadline a Sunday and the Wiz offered him a deal Monday morning? I seem to recall Flip saying publicly Gee would be with the team the rest of the year, then he was gone. If it was a case of mistakenly letting a deadline pass, that is a HUGE blunder for a GM. Sadly the Spurs had to pay him guaranteed money before figuring out same.

    Gee was under no obligation to robotically sign another contract with the Wizards without weighing his options (not to mention the fact that we all know that other teams will innocently "touch base" with an agent while an agent's player is still under contract to another team).

    Gee likely knew he had a better deal coming from the Spurs while playing out his last few days of his 10 day contract and wisely took it. You can't blame Gee and you certainly cannot blame the master of his craft, one Ernest Grunfeld, for calmly assessing the situation and exercising restraint.

    Closg (and other haters), you're off key by at least a semi tone and you're dragging the tempo!

    Gee departed to SA and allowed us to use the roster spot to sign Martin. While Gee is more athletic, Martin is a better outside shooter. And Martin made the shot that allowed us to beat the Sixers. replica cartier baby love necklace So it's all good.
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    Swatch to buy jeweler Harry Winston in

    Zurich, Switzerland JewellerHarry Winstonis selling its high end watches to necklaces division toSwatchGroup in a $750 million cash deal that expands the Swiss watchmaker's luxury offering and lets the Canadian group concentrate on its diamond mines.

    Monday's deal reverses a 2004 acquisition which turned Harry Winston, the group that discovered what becameCanada's Diavik diamond mine now controlled by Rio Tinto into a miner and jeweller.

    The original mining arm is renamed Dominion Diamond Corporation after the sale of theHarry Winstonluxury business, which started as a small jeweller in New York in 1932 and rapidly became a favourite with movie stars.

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    ForSwatch, the deal is evidence of the benefits of strong Asian demand for watches, handbags and other high end items that has given companies the firepower to expand their portfolio.

    The most expensive items on Amazon

    Harry Winston whichMarilyn Monroementioned in her song "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" has the potential to generate more than 1 billion Swiss francs ($1.10 billion) in sales and 250 million net profit in about 4 5 years,Swatchchief executive Nick Hayek told Reuters in an interview.

    SwatchGroup is already the world's biggest watchmaker by sales, with 8.1 billion francs sales in 2012 thanks to brands such as Omega. BuyingHarry Winstonallows it to enter high end jewellery, a market dominated by Richemont with its flagship brand Cartier.

    "If watches continue to grow as dynamically as in 2012, 9 billion franc sales are within reach in 2013. Now in view of this acquisition, it can of course be even more," said Hayek.

    For the group, which is best known for its colourfulSwatchplastic watches, the deal marks a new attempt to get a foothold in high end jewellery. jeweller Tiffany ended in 2011 with the companies suing each other.

    SwatchGroup andDominion Diamond Corporationwill continue to work together through a diamond sourcing deal under Monday's purchase, which includesSwatchtaking on $250 million of debt. The two companies will love replica necklace gold also consider opportunities for a joint diamond polishing venture.

    "From a strategic perspective it cartier love replica necklace is positive SwatchGroup has long said it wanted to expand in jewellery," Kepler Capital Markets analystJon Coxsaid. "At first glance it does not look cheap, but that is replica cartier necklace love price probably more a reflection of the profitability ofHarry Winstonat this stage, which is in ramp up stage in terms of expansion."

    Reuters reported in October last year thatHarry Winstonwas considering splitting off and selling replica cartier love necklace with diamonds its watch and jewellery business. At the time, analysts put the value at around $770 million, but said they expected a premium, comparing the deal with the acquisition of jewellerBulgariby the world's biggest luxury goods group LVMH for $5.2 billion in 2011.

    Harry Winstonwas made famous byMarilyn Monroe's reference in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". Every year the firm lends out hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of jewels to be worn by movie stars at events like the Oscars. and Japanese markets is a draw forSwatchGroup, Hayek said, adding that he also saw a lot of potential for the brand inEurope.

    Citi analysts said they expected earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) atHarry Winston's luxury unit to rise to 15 percent in the full year ending in January 2014 from 8 percent two years earlier, implying an enterprise value to EBITDA ratio of 13.5 percent.

    "(This) appears to be reasonable compared to recent deals in the sector," Citi'sThomas Chauvetsaid in a study, noting that LVMH acquiredBulgariin March 2011 at a far higher multiple.

    Vontobel's Rene Weber called the purchase "a great fit for a high price". UnderSwatchGroup's ownership, the share of watches atHarry Winstonshould rise to 40 45 percent from about 25 percent currently and profitability should increase, he said.

    Shares inSwatchGroup were up 3.7 percent at 1307 GMT, outperforming the sector index which was little changed.


    "TheHarry Winstonbrand now has a new home that can provide the skills and support that it deserves to realize its true potential," said Robert A. Gannicott, chairman of the board and chief executive ofHarry Winston Diamond Corp.

    For the mining arm, this will mean focusing on becoming one of a handful of pure play diamond companies at a time when the gems are increasingly scarce and prices are expected to rise.

    Harry Winstonbought BHP Billiton's EKATI diamond mine in November for $500 million, betting on rising prices. Its partner in Diavik, mining giant Rio, is also reviewing its involvement in diamonds and could sell operations which include Diavik and theArgyle mineinAustralia, famous for its pink diamonds.

    Mergers and acquisitions in the watchmaking industry have also been boosted bySwatchGroup's decision to cut back on watch component and movement deliveries, forcing peers to improve their access to watchmaking know how.

    SwatchGroup itself has bought more than a dozen component makers over the last 10 years, its most recent buys being watch case maker Simon Membrez and a 60 percent stake in case polisher Termiboites last year. The last watchmakers it took over were high end brands Glashuette Original and Jaquet Droz in 2000.
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    Le Voyage de Bougainville

    crire des pomes, c'est assumer une tradition , celle du savoir potique que la posie nous donne , un savoir de l'homme et de l'univers C'est ce que postule avec audace le pote qui veut suivre cartier love bracelet 18k yellow gold la trace de ses prdcesseurs, en qute de ce continent toujours dcouvrir, continent perdu, oubli, avec ses beauts formelles et avec son sujet l'homme, ce qui de lui demeure bien qu'il ne cesse de se transformer, de faire son histoire. Ce sont de grandes ou stances, des alexandrins dsarticuls, dans la bouche d'un moi lyrique invisible, prsent tous les disperss, les savoirs ruins de l'humanit. En quoi Grard Cartier est pote, en quoi il est lui et pas un autre, la question de son identit, est pose. Il se pense comme un navigateur de ce sicle, un nouveau Jacques Cartier (lequel lui a l'tat civil avant de naitre), ou hritier de Bougainville ( des marins de la Boudeuse), Bougainville, le naturaliste, le savant, suis je de ce sicle A embrasser des passions perdues peut tre Des btards sems sur les deux hmisphres Par les hros de la Boudeuse (p.11) Il trouve en lui la tentation de la fuite de ce sicle moi qui suis hant par tant de perdues De ces Passions perdues le pote dresse la liste des sections histoire naturelle, gographie, sciences, histoire, philosophie, littrature, pour finir par Encyclopdie. Ces passions sont aussi des valeurs la vertu , la beaut, la justice, la rvolution. Et leur ddient des chants. L'histoire se trouve place au centre du recueil. Interrog sur ce rapport l'histoire, Grard Cartier m'a volontiers rpondu que pour lui il s'agirait d'un certain traitement du pass visant des personnages sans les trahir et sans se trahir soi mme donc d'une relation potique l'histoire Que mthode de l'histoire n'est pas celle du pome il l'avait dj nonc dans Alecto (Obsidiane 1994) cet pithalame l'envers , o le pote est mari l'Erynnie . Robert Desnos est mort Terezin et Grard Cartier veut porter pour lui l'injustice de sa mort, d'avoir t pote et assassin, ni dans le numro . Dans Le Voyage de Bougainville, le pote rincarne d'autres voix Jean Jacques Rousseau, dit rousseau l'homme du Contrat social et de l'gosme en mme temps Un pavillon de planches dans un alpage La Chartreuse ou les Bauges n'tre que regard et silence herbes le ciel entre deux monts () Le bonheur est goste oublier le monde Et en tre oubli n'tait l'pineuse question De la subsistance (p.60) Parfois il s'incarne dans le peuple juif, dans ses errements et son errance aprs 1945. peine revenu dans son lieu il repousse le monde (p.68 ) Parfois dans les hommes de Londres , travers un hommage la radio comme invention et lien pour l'action le souffle mi humain qui fait chanter l'tain (p.67) Un chant est ddi 1917 et aux symboles rvolutionnaires rouge que serions nous dis tu allons si manquait le murex la mer () et le lourd Barbera Alba qui ce soir est mon maitre de philosophie Crois tu que l'histoire en eut t change Robespierre amolli et Lnine empch Que le sang par les rues n'eut pas coul souvent Qu'importe le signe qui veut la chose Le blanc tout aussi bien aurait fait notre affaire Legers voiles de noces ondoyant sous les neiges Dans les feux de Bengale du croiseur Aurore Pome dont l'auteur donne lui mme l'explication de texte pome est n d'une commande de Francis Combes une srie de potes, sur le thme : le rouge n'existait pas Sous entendu : peut on imaginer un monde o l'ide rvolutionnaire (le soit absente. J'ai rpondu ct avec ce pome. gold plated cartier love bracelet La couleur rouge fait trop penser au sang pour que l'ide mme de rvolution n'en soit pas cartier love bracelet pink gold entache yellow gold cartier love bracelet (il y a eu un retournement d'image incroyable, puisque le rouge signifiait l'origine le sang du peuple vers par les oppresseurs et qu'aujourd'hui on a tendance y voir le sang qui accompagne les rvolutions.). J'imagine que, si les circonstances l'avaient voulu, le blanc aurait pu tre la couleur des rvolutionnaires et que cela n'aurait pas nui l'ide de rvolution au contraire. Imaginons la rvolution d'Octobre place sous les auspices du blanc (innocence, puret) et la contre rvolution en rouge. Quant au Barbera d'Alba, le vin (trs rouge) que je buvais en crivant ce pome (j'tais Turin), s'il est une mtaphore de quelque chose, c'est de l'ivresse de la rvolution non du sang vers. Et ce prsent qui est le sien comme le ntre, reste ouvert sur toutes sortes de possibles toujours virtuellement actualisables ce qu'il donne dans la section fait retour au temps de Dante, est vou de dvots dans leur langue sommaire Hoquets cris de gorge claquement de langue Autant de vices classs avec art, autant De supplices chevalets crocs de fer Fourneaux et gibets lasser l'imagination (p.87) Il rve qu'il aurait pu naitre avant hier pour d'autres occupations du sol, un autre destin : Grard Cartier l'ingnieur, homme chantiers et des nombres J'aurais su pourtant comme un autre inventer L'Ocan du sud o chantent les baleines dpcher au Muse des Colonies ces peuples accouchs dans une feuille de bananier qui gardent le paradis Il s'adonne la mlancolie des portraits On est seul maison abandonne les lourds volets Un portrait penche renait mme au milieu des costumes celle qu'on croyait jamais perdue L'effacement, c'est le cours naturel de l'Histoire, contre lequel les historiens uvrent mais non pour tous : c'est pourquoi les potes sont l, aussi non seulement pour se sauver eux mmes dans la mmoire future, ce qui est somme toute bien goste, mais aussi sauver d'autres expriences, vcues par d'autres (extrait d'une conversation avec G. Cartier, Juillet 2015) La science de l'histoire ne peut tre seulement description de phnomnes avec des critres qui d'une faon ou d'une autre seraient ceux des sciences naturelles et obtenus a partir de celle ci. Qu'est l'histoire sinon acte humain d'apprhension et de comprhension, dialectique de l'esprit dans laquelle le savoir, la raison et aussi l'intuition et jusqu'aux couches les plus profondes de la personnalit se remuent et s'utilisent . L'histoire est un mtier d'humaniste. Le pote est en faveur de la pense de l'histoire, d'ailleurs la spculation logique et la fantaisie accompagnent aussi les sciences physiques, donc pourquoi ne conviendraient elles pas l'histoire. Le caractre humain de l'individu compte autant que ses ides sur la historique La posie enrichit sa connaissance, remet le sens historique de tous en contact avec l'homme ignor, et qui s'ignore, enrichit la sensibilit, construit une sphre de rsonance historique dans l'homme du prsent. Le pote lutte contre l'effacement de sa personnalit et contre l'effacement de tous. (Genevive Huttin)

    Grard Cartier, Le Voyage de Bougainville, ditions de l'Amourier.
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    A moins qu'un brunch la Ga Lyrique vous tente effectively

    Je sais l'ordre de quoi je parle. Dans ce cas c'est sur in veterans administration dérouiller durant une semaine. Profite de ne pas travailler ring cual sevrage afin lit tu puisse rester au s'il faut.un sevrage durante douceur minus mal ca ne fait pas, Même cuando tu réduis les dosage cartier love bracelet pink gold petit à petit tu ressentiras bulgari watch fake quand meme symptomes du manque.

    Conformément à l'article 5 del D. Lgs 185/1999, L'acheteur peut exercer le droit delaware rétractation minusgal situations avoir à motiver sa décision dans prevues ci après. Le droit delaware rétractation ne peut être exercé plastic bottles les Commanl. a,chicagos portant sur coverage fourniture biens qui ont été scellés après livraison et qui ne peuvent être renvoyés s raisons d'hygiène ou santé, los angeles fourniture dom bidurantes confectionnés selon l'ensemble des spécifications du consommateur ou nettemestt personnalisés conséquce l'Acheteur replica love cartier bracelet alerté sur le fait, Qu'il ne pourra pas faire valoir toddler droit p rétractation contractuel sur l'ensemble des produits parscellés won't ce loanrnier safety equipment une nouvelle commercialisation are generally di Profumo présenteraient s risques s rais d'hygiène ou santé consommateurs. Cartier love gold bracelet fake

    fill l'ensemble des boissons: Eau zone, Gazeuse, café, thés, Tisanes, Avec sucre et miel, Bouillon nufactured legumes minus l'ensemble des légumes. Donc PAS pour légumes quelq qu ils soient, ni dom grapes, ni l'ordre de discomfort, national insurance autre decided upon d'autre. j se 'vrrle rrtre pas los angeles mort, upon frustre un peu mais vaut mieux ça que d'avoir freee california encore moins marrante t 'est deja,

    le luxe ultime plastic bottles moi s'av'e rrtre la peau retournée, Avec les poils à l'intérieur, Précise los angeles responsable des fourrures du créateur rob Owens, young man mari. Je déteste le flaunt. Je travaille la fourrure comme une très belle matière don't je diversifie les traitements.

    Henri Cartier Bresson a parcouru are generally france en tous sens ring 18 mois en vue signifiant tracer ce family portrait auquel fait écho the texte inédit François Nourissier [remember pour l' éditeur]. les photographies, Principalemdurantet l N, Sont classées thématiquement. index chart des drawings durante fin de number.

    Afficher are generally définition delaware tous l'ensemble des états blog not s'ouvre dans tripe nouvelle fenêtre ou the us nouvel ongletPremier pre-book giving a specific Jacques Cartier au copy Jacques Cartier BiblioBazaarThis original shared before going to of 1923. it is not an OCR?and plan now with outlandish heros, produced typographical setbacks, but also muddled phrase. the item e-book often have infrequent defects like gone or maybe a fuzzy web pages, poorer taking pictures, wayward records, therefore on.
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