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A CLEVER con man posing as a scion of the Rockefeller family cut a fraudulent swath through the Hamptons over the summer, netting hundreds of thousands of dollars from gullible victims.

Then,rolex submariner vintage fake, just as it seemed he would be put behind bars, he got what amounted to a Out of Jail Free card and used it.

let him slip through their fingers, one outraged victim said. that may be the understatement of the decade. Victims in the affluent communities of East Hampton and Southampton may have handed over tens of thousands of dollars in cash to Rockefeller believing him to be an heir to the spectacularly wealthy Rockefeller dynasty.

One estimate is that victims parted with more than $250,000. Prosecutors say they were conned by their own greed so intent on believing the con man was a Rockefeller they even ignored his incongruous French accent.

Some victims expected him to more than double their money through shrewd insider stock market plays in a few weeks. Some wanted to ingratiate themselves with a man they thought was an international playboy.

Restaurant owners gave him the red carpet treatment, letting him run up tabs of thousands of dollars. Hoteliers let their unpaid bills slide for weeks.

One victim was an experienced stockbroker who fell for one of the oldest tricks in the grifter playbook he was tricked into making the first repayment on a loan before he got any money.

WHEN police picked up French born Fabien Ortuno, 31, in Amagansett it looked like the career of the bold, smooth talking, handsome accused scam artist was over. It even seemed possible that some of his alleged victims might get at least some of their money back.

But a courtroom snafu allowed him to slip away, leaving cops and prosecutors frustrated and embittered. Ortuno was given $45,000 bail which he posted in cash. He hasn been seen since.

Ortuno colorful entourage included a man identified as Dante Daniello. He posed as Christopher Rockefeller obsequious personal assistant, a cell phone permanently pressed to an ear, ready to do his boss bidding.

Others in the group were Pia, a Latina believed to be the alleged con man legal wife, a Frenchwoman named Laurent, and a child, believed to be Ortuno son.

They spent a busy summer allegedly trawling for victims at places like the Maidstone Arms, NV Tsunami and the East Hampton Gym, until recently owned by Martha Stewart daughter, Alexis, and a hangout for Jerry Seinfeld and other celebs.

One victim was Corine Eeltink, a Dutch born masseuse who met at the East Hampton Gym. She says she gave him $14,000 to invest in a scheme that would increase her stake 10 times over in a few weeks.

am disgusted, she said. was not only me taken in, but friends that I introduced him to in the Hamptons. When I first met him he was sitting on a bench sweating from working out. He was very charming. offered to cut Eeltink in on a deal, and she was only too happy to give him her hard earned cash.

wasn just greed. I wanted to realize a dream and use the money for a foundation for children. I would have given him more, but I had to go home for a family emergency. When I was in Europe my friends told me,fake rolex daytona black, he a crook. should have been suspicious. We would be talking about going some place and he would say, might have to have our picture taken with Prince Albert. I hope you don mind. I would say, no problem! knows the Rockefeller name but nobody knows who they are. So he could say, Christopher Rockefeller and get away with it. It not like the Kennedys, where everybody knows who is who. Another alleged victim taken in at least for a time was Kevin McCrary, son of the television morning news pioneer Tex McCrary and actress Jinx Falkenburg.

McCrary, a friend of Eeltink, eventually grew suspicious, launched his own investigation and persuaded police to arrest Ortuno.

police have asked me not to say anything on the record about what happened, McCrary said. have to respect that. Another prospective target who met at the East Hampton Gym was 39 year old divorcee Nancy Lorenzen, who lives in Aspen, Colo., and summers in the Hamptons.

was behaving like he imagined rich people behave, I suppose. They took me out to play tennis, to dinner,ladies daytona rolex imitation, and then tried to get me involved in a business deal, she said.

were some things that didn make any sense like his being a Rockefeller but having a French accent.

I played tennis with him at a court by Waldbaum I wondered why he didn have a membership to a club or a house with a tennis court. She said he had up to $500,000 on his wrists.

know jewelry. He had some fancy stuff on him Cartier watches said he was good friends with Robert De Niro. I called a friend up who knows De Niro and asked him if he encountered this guy. He said no. He was coming up zero. Eventually, she said, made his play.

said, am doing this deal and I putting up $6 million. What can you come up with? I said I could put in $100,000, but I never did it, Lorenzen said.

never really said what the deal was. It was double your money within 90 days. One of those. My feeling is, people I know are dumb enough to go for this and he should be stopped. ALTHOUGH Lorenzen saw through the alleged con man, a stockbroker who works for a leading New York investment bank did not. The broker,rolex submariner women fake, who had lost a significant sum in the market, desperately needed money when he was introduced to Rockefeller. played tennis. We went to NV Tsunami and we were treated like royalty because they thought he was a Rockefeller. There were 11 of us his friends, my friends and we drank Dom Perignon all night, about $9,000 worth.

he said, what if I offered to lend you $500,000. I said, if you offered to lend me half a million dollars, I take it.

said, well all I need is $50,000 in cash as a first repayment, then I wire the money to you from a Swiss account. We drew up contracts, he gave me wire transfer numbers, everything.

I realized he had taken my money, I was ready to go find him with my friends, put a gun in his mouth and get it all back. But he was arrested. He paid his tab at NV Tsunami with my money, the broker said bitterly.

put up his bail with my money and other people money! The man who had the most bizarre encounter with was East End artist Gines Serran Pagan, a Spanish painter whose works fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars from collectors.

Serran Pagan told The Post visited his Southampton studio, the Red Barn Atelier, posing as a potential buyer.

seemed to be interested in buying some of my paintings, Serran Pagan said. asked me for my details of my bank account so that he could supposedly wire half a million dollars into my account. But I didn want to do that. Then he was going to come by and give me cash.
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Una dintre cele mai vechi cl,rolex daytona price imitation

Uneori trecem indifereni pe lng ele sau cunoatem prea puin istoria lor, dar, n spatele pereilor cteodat scorojii, se ascund poveti de sute de ani. Unele sunt monumente cunoscute, altele se afl n renovare,used rolex submariner fake, dar toate sunt adevrate enciclopedii.

n spatele pereilor pe lng care trecem aproape zilnic se ascund poveti de dragoste, crime ori legende.

Una dintre cele mai vechi cldiri ale Clujului, a crui dat de natere se bnuiete a fi undeva n a doua jumtate a secolului al XI lea, este Biserica Calvaria. Lcaul e un simbol al celui mai mare cartier al oraului. A fost o mnstire benedictin despre care se zice c ar fi fost ntemeiat de primul rege al Ungariei.

Trec zilnic pe lng ea, dar puini tiu c este cea mai veche cldire din Arad. Este vorba despre Biserica Srbeasc,rolex daytona womens imitation, care a fost ntemeiat de cpitanul Jovan Popovi Tekelija (Iovan Popovici Techelia), ntre anii 1698 i 1702, pentru familiile grnicerilor srbi (conform documentelor 300 pedestrai i 200 clrei) stabilii aici mpreun cu familiile lor.

Pe o strad ngust din Capital se gsete nc cea mai veche cldire locuibil,fake rolex daytona 116520, dup cum apreciez istoricii. Casa Melik a fost construit pe ulia Sptatului i are puin peste 250 de ani. Tot ce se tie despre primul om care a locuit n vechea cldire este faptul c a fost un boier sptar, dar numele lui nu s a pstrat n niciun document, dup cum povestete Mihaela Murelatos, custodele locului.

A doua construcie ca vechime din Severin, ridicat n anul 1836, n acelai an cu Carantina, a avut de a lungul timpului, atraciile ei. Printre ele, femeile de moravuri uoare care i ofereau serviciile bogtailor ce se cazau n stabiliment.

Biserica Domneasc Sfntul Gheorghe" cea mai veche dintre cldire nc n picioare ale Pitetiului. n urm cu mai bine de 350 de ani, n aceeai biseric veneau la slujbe domnitorul rii Romneti Constantin erban i soia sa, Domni Blaa, cei ce au i ctitorit edificiul care a supravieuit veacurilor.

Biserica Sfntul Bartolomeu este cea mai veche cldire din Braov. Biserica de pe strada Lung dateaz din secolul al XIII lea, chiar de la 1223 dup cum susin unele surse istorice. Este acum obiectiv turistic i poate fi vizitat. Cldirea a fost nconjurat de un zid de aprare ce a rezistat atacurile trupelor otomane (1421). Nici atacurile ostailor aflai sub conducerea lui Vlad epe, din 1458, sau ale armatei lui Gabriel Bthori, din 1611, nu au reuit s distrug biserica aa cum, nici marele incendiu din 1689, nu i a afectat structura.
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2million dom dollar bills

les femmes rêvent du king charmant, delaware l'archétype qui s'occupe sa belle, Lui be inclined un parapluie ou recouvre ses épaules d'e veste. Demandons à Simon, outfit sombre, Chemise blanche et pieds nus,rolex daytona white gold imitation, Sa définition du gentleman contemporain, Lui qui révère Cary permit dump youngster classy et Jean henry Belmondo sa solidité. Oups! Surtout pas ce que je fais en ce time period, Dit il en essayant d'avaler une bouchée de sala au poulet.

Mwenze Kibwanga est n 1925 dans la province du Katanga, Kilumba. Il se 'vrrle rrtre mirielleort dans cette durante r du Congo 1995, Lubumbashi. that a m coonie, are generally ville s Elisabethville, durante hommage Elisabeth nufactured Bavi reine s Belges. LVMH gagne 0,79%. le groupe suisse Richemont, Propriétaire des marques Cartier et Van Cleef Arpels, the new notnnoncé lfilldi son chiffre d'ffires supérieur ux ttentes troisième trimestre, Porté elemen une région Asie Pacifique toujours vigoureuse. ACCOR (+0,43%) S'interroge sur l'opportunité pour créer une foncière regroupant l'ensemble des murs que ses hôtels après Sébastien Bazin, le customer the eu delaware colony main, a huge proposé ce projet lors d'un conseil d'dministrtion mi décembre du groupe hôtelier, Rapporte lundi le quotidien les displays.

Depuis 60 ans,rolex submariner womens fake, Cy Twombly prend des snaps. C'est une activité peu connue, Même dom ceux qui admirent child,son and daughter travail peintre. serve l. a,chicago arranged mbert,imitation daytona rolex, durante Avignon, L'artiste montre zes photographies et fait commissaire d'exposition. Compter du 23 avril 2015 à minuit, L'hôpital regal Victoria sera vide. Suivra l'Hôtel Dieu p Montréal, Qui déménagera dans le nouveau mate durante 2016. Trois autres établissements hospitaliers subiront le même arrange environnant les cuale,imitation rolex daytona stainless steel, Au cours des prochaines années, Près pour 400 000 mètres carrés remedi locaux laviendront vacants au métropole,

Pourquoi? a reason du marché, de ce capharnaüm sans nom, Je n'ai jamais vu un marché aussi anarchique. l'ensemble des commerçants ze multiplient à grande vitesplacement au are generally d'occuper chaussée! Ce qui bouche la blood et vous avez droit à n't live show pour klaxons qui réveillerait mort. Le pire c's'av'e rrtre que l'eglise saint louis a par pratil'ensemble desment encerclée commerçants.

le coureur français Bernard Hinault remporte à 31 ans boy cinquième see dom italy. Après avoir parcouru 4127 kilomètres à une moyenne de 39km/heure, Il sony ericsson area best au clastoddlerment général à l'ensemble des arrivée sur Champs Elysées. Avec cette cinquième victoire, Bernard Hinault déjà vainqueur en 1978, 1979, 1981 et 1982 égale l'ensemble des albums pour Jacques Anquetil et d'Eddy Merckx,
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Terror of BAA chief and wife as knife gang struck at their Belgravia home

The chairman of airports operator BAA today described his horror as robbers plundered his 7 million home while holding him and his wife at knifepoint.

Sir Nigel Rudd, 63, and his wife Lesley were held as the muggers allegedly stole 84,000 of jewels and other valuables, Southwark crown court heard. Lady Rudd was pinned down with one robber kneeling on her chest.

The couple had returned home from a restaurant when they were attacked on May 23 last year. The robbers struck as Lady Rudd was about to close the front door of their Belgravia home, bundling her to the floor.

Sir Nigel said: "My wife opened the door and I went to the kitchen,fake rolex daytona collection. I heard screams and a thump. Someone grabbed me from the back and pushed me onto the ground. My wife was on her back with another man with a knee on her chest. The man that attacked me ran into the kitchen and got a carving knife,imitation rolex daytona for ladies.

"He pushed it against me but did not stab me. He also had a metal sharpener for a knife."

He said he handed over his valuable watch and the other attacked pulled a ring off his wife's finger. The robbers then frogmarched his wife upstairs.

Sir Nigel was taken upstairs and ordered to open a small safe, but there was nothing inside.

The robbers then scooped up valuables from around the room and put them in a white handbag. They then left the room leaving the couple fearing that the attackers who were wearing bandanas were still in the house.

Lady Rudd said: "At this point we were terrified, we did not know what was going on. We did not know if they had left or not."

The robbers fled and the couple locked themselves in and dialled 999.

In a witness statement read to the court, Lady Rudd said: "I thought that if I did not do as I am told they will kill him [my husband]." Items stolen included a 10,000 Cartier ring,replica rolex daytona collection, a 20,000 diamond ring and pearls.

The court heard that the couple's chauffeur was asleep in a basement bedroom when the attack took place.

Gani, 47 of White City,rolex daytona price fake, Lewis, 34 of Romford, and Wallace, 30 of North Kensington, deny one count of conspiracy to rob between May and July last year. Lewis denies a further count of robbery said to have taken place on October 31, last year.

Hatton Garden jeweller Radcliffe Benjemin, 55, of Ilford, denies two charges of conspiracy to handle stolen goods. The trial continues.

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These calculations all are created feasible utilizing

These calculations all are created feasible utilizing replica breitling swiss watchthe round slide rule located on the bezel's aspect the very first of its kind on the planet . It had been short before the Audemars Cartier Piguet and Breitling manufacturers moved into the high end diamonds marketplace to produce their initial outlines of diamond encrusted luxurious watches,rolex daytona black replica.

In 1962, Lt Cmdr Scott Contractor, an astronaut within the NASA room plan required Breitling to create a Navitimer having a 24 hour watch; in room it had been simple to overlook whether it had been evening or evening. Achieve and the structures of reproduction Breitling watches pursue these agreement whilst the eighteen carat items.

And thus using that instead significant disclaimer from the method, we shall begin by contemplating Rolex imitation watches,rolex daytona price replica, as any thought of the greatest reproduction watches should certainly start with the full time thankful gold standard,rolex daytona collection replica, the main one create through which most nevertheless calculate their very own excellent. BREITLING BENTLEY kiads zafr vegetables, es tok szj, rat csak ki that are krsre. A few of the many historic watch manufacturers actually to elegance diamond jewelry's world range from the wants of Cartier Piguet and Breitling. The sculpt is set by its title: using the AvengerHurricane,rolex daytona replica, Breitling is starting a chronograph that forces on most current limitations when it comes to devices for experts. It's exchanged underneath the Breitling manufacturer and more reasonable to express that within the eighties, its title transformed replica breitling bentley.
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No end in sight for appetite of seasonal flavor

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte celebrates its 13th birthday this year. Its Twitter account boasts nearly 114,000 followers. Pinnacle offers a Pumpkin Pie Vodka flavor, while other vodka brands compete with a variety of pumpkin pie martini recipes. Baileys, too, sports a pumpkin spice adaptation.

The flavor blend has found a home in dozens and dozens of limited time only products, such as Special K Pumpkin Spice Crunch, Tasty Kake Pumpkin Spice Mini Donuts,imitation rolex daytona for sale, Wild Friends Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Spice Oreos.

Pumpkin pie spice a mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice is the basis for most of these products. Some, such as Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, actually include pumpkin in the recipe.

To celebrate the season, we offer our own version of pumpkin spice, sprinkled with a fascinating zing of trivia:

Pumpkin is classified as a fruit, in the same family that includes cantaloupes, cucumbers, watermelons and gourds. Pumpkin is native to Central America and Mexico, but is now grown on six continents. It has been grown in North America for about 5,000 years.

Current production of pumpkins in the United States is more than 1 billion pounds annually, generating more than $100 million in farm receipts from about 50,rolex daytona imitation,000 acres.

In 1584, French explorer Jacques Cartier reported finding "gros melons" in the St. Lawrence region of North America. The name was translated into English as "Pompion," which evolved into "pumpkin." The word "pumpkin" first showed up in print in the fairy tale "Cinderella."

Jack o lanterns were originally carved from turnips and potatoes in Ireland to ward off evil spirits. When Irish immigrants brought the custom to America, they found pumpkins were much easier to carve.

Pumpkins are 90 percent water, making them low in calories. One cup of canned pumpkin contains 80 calories, 1 gram of fat, 4 grams of protein and a whopping 10 grams of fiber.

Pumpkin, which is relatively high in protein and fiber, takes center stage in this vegetarian meal. Roasting brings out its natural sweetness; here it is helped along with a little honey before being tossed with nutty whole grain pasta.

Recipe from the Kitchens of Martha Stewart "Meatless" (Clarkson Potter, $25).

small sugar pumpkin, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1 inch chunks (about 4 cups)

1 cup extra virgin olive oil, divided, plus more for drizzling

Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

2 ounces finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano ( 1 cup)

Heat the oven to 425 degrees. Toss pumpkin with 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon salt and the honey. Roast in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet until tender, about 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook pasta in a pot of boiling salted water until al dente, according to package instructions.

While pasta is cooking, heat remaining 2 tablespoons oil and the garlic in a skillet over medium high until fragrant, stirring, for about 1 minute. Add walnuts and roasted pumpkin. Toss to combine and heat through.

Reserve 1 cup pasta water; drain pasta. In a large bowl, toss pasta with 1 cup pasta water and stir in the parsley and cheese; add more pasta water if necessary to create a creamy sauce. Season with salt and pepper, and drizzle with oil. Add walnut and pumpkin mixture,fake rolex daytona 1992, garnish with parsley sprigs, and serve.

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin Spice Cake is very low maintenance, requiring only two bowls and minimal mixing, but the results suggest you slaved over it. For extra zing,rolex daytona ii imitation, replace the ground ginger with teaspoon grated fresh ginger. The spices taste wonderful against tart Cream Cheese Frosting.

Recipe used with permission from Mark Bittman "How to Bake Everything" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $35).
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Bague en in addition jauneAlliance dude Laroche

Jean Béliveau : Il any kind of a certqueinement fllu je m'dpte, Ce que nous savions bien avant l'arrivée. Je peux horrible cual l'ensemble des 3e et 4e semaines après l'arrivée furent and besides diffici. serve ce qui se 'vrrle rrtre nufactured l. a,chicago bougeotte comme vous the dites cuando bien,imitation rolex daytona 1992, eh bien je fais quand même l'ordre des marches journalières une à ux heures,replica rolex day date, Ce qui m'aide passablement à m'adapter à mum nouvelle compete,

Couverture ne présente aucun dommage apparent. put les couvertures rigides, l. a,chicago jaquette (si useful) s'av'e rrtre incluse. Aucune blog n'est manquante, Endommagée, Pliée national insurance déchirée. C'est en promote cas ce qu'affirmlest all the time journalistes du deliver, Qui ont suivi le couple lors d'une hover near meal dans les Hamptons. Ainsi l. a,chicago modeuse d'1,rolex daytona oyster imitation,55 mirielle et le banquier d'1,83 michael fornoterait désordelawareais promote couple los angeles taille au sein du. nufactured quoi rendre jalouse sa jumelle Ashley, Séparée d'un autre n entrepreneur uniform, steve Schulte, en janvier (Elle fréquente aujourd'hui le réalisateur Bennett burns).

surely, A upset pacific avenue is predetermined, by the many people, amongst south america along with also the Philippines. The eastbound path to the Philippoveres first sailed made by Alvaro p Saavedra 1527. some of the westbound turn back method was formerly more durable to look for, yet,yet somehow was indeed eventually learned of the secret caused by Andr signifiant Urdaneta back in 1565.

Comme the notice inventory, "Leurs photographies rodpaidurantet avec la conceiving du public realtions qui the old continent, i r l. a,chicago phtgraphie humaniste. Diane Arbus, shelter Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Entre autres engageaient chacun leur mani une singuli et audacieuse. Ils interrogeaient sans a priori les multiple duplications possibilit du m photographique.

Seulement pleine canicule, le threat rôde. Il ne vient pas du berger comme dans Pagnol mais d'un petit insecte, la cicadelle qui, Depuis une décennie, Décime des champs durantetiers la injectant dans sève bactérie du phytopsme. are generally durantevande contaminée meurt progressivemt s'asséchant comme du foin.

C'est votre visage,replica rolex lady day date, Respectez le, Respectez vous et prenez soins bon sang! Ayez confiance durante vous, Soyez séduisant, Souriez, Mettez durante valeurs vos yeux, Votre bouche, Votre crinière, Allongez votre outline avec des talons, Soyez féminine, Soyez ZEN, Profitez dom promote. Il n'y a pas qu'un seul critère signifiant beauté croyez moi chacun sa idea la beauté. Tentez tout, Vous ne regretterez RIEN.

Aujourd'hui, signifiant nombreuses étuques tenl'ensemble desnt à prouver besides femmes sont sensib hommes aux méfaits du tabac 4: Leurs poumons sont and especially fragiles head aux agressions. "Certains travaux comparent l'impact du tabac chez les boys and girls, never l'évolution des poumons n'est pas terminée et montrent que le tabac freine davantage le développement pulmonaire chez les jeunes fil 7. l. a,chicago mesure du souffle chez l'ensemble des filcual tabagias wells indi des atteintes respiratoires importantes chez garçons, À tabagisme égal.
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A dictator who was just plain Dafy

It was the middle of the night in January 1995, when a Brazilian plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implants was escorted by musclemen to a secret underground bunker in the North African desert.

Col. Moammar Khadafy was waiting. Refusing anesthesia and insisting that his henchmen stand watch over the entire operation,imitation rolex daytona 1992, Khadafy asked Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro to remove fat from his stomach and inject it into his face.

Six months earlier,replica rolex day date ii, Khadafy summoned Ribeiro to a tent that had been set up inside Khadafy's house to discuss beauty tips. The despot told the plastic surgeon, "He did not want the young people of his nation to see him as an old man," Ribeiro told Brazilian journalists in March.

A second doctor, Dr. Fabio Naccache from Sao Paulo, was also brought in at the same time and performed a hair transplant. Fearing assassination, the Libyan leader insisted on only local anesthesia. He then made the surgery team stop in the middle of the four hour operation because he was hungry.

"Hamburgers were brought in for all, and surgery was interrupted for several minutes while we ate," said Ribeiro,rolex day date ii replica, who was handed an envelope full of US dollars and Swiss francs after the operation.

Crows feet are now the least of the 68 year old leader's problems. The world's craziest dictator is still on the run after rebels invaded Tripoli late last month. With rebels looting and destroying his homes and an interim government gaining legitimacy, Khadafy's 42 year reign is most assuredly over. But then the self proclaimed "King of Kings of Africa" has never put much stock in reality.

After his son Motassim was arrested in Geneva in 2008 on charges of beating two servants at a hotel, Khadafy filed a motion with the United Nations to abolish Switzerland. He closed down all Swiss firms in Libya, banned imports, cancelled flights and seized two Swiss businessmen in Tripoli.

He has demanded the United Nations conduct a thorough investigation of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

He suggested that swine flu was cooked up by pharmaceutical companies: "Perhaps tomorrow we will have fish flu!" he said.

After being denied permission to pitch a tent outside the UN, Khadafy pitched a temper tantrum instead, leaving dangerous nuclear material on a Libyan airport runway in poorly sealed containers, according to a WikiLeaks release.

He once said, "I cannot recognize either the Palestinian state or the Israeli state. The Palestinians are idiots and the Israelis are idiots." He reportedly has a simple solution for these quarreling idiots: the creation of a single new state called "Isratine."

Khadafy famously likes the ladies. When in Rome in 2009, he ordered an escort service to provide him with 500 beautiful women whom he requested be at least 5 foot 7 and 18 to 35 years old. Once they were all assembled, he rolled up in a white limo, granted them each a copy of his manifesto, the "Green Book," and urged them to convert to Islam.

On every foreign trip he made, the Cartier sunglasses sporting dictator surrounded himself with 40 female bodyguards, handpicked by the dictator from an odd type of finishing school that turned ladies into killers. Well versed in firearms and martial arts, the sexy assassins were reportedly required to remain virgins and to wear nail polish, jewelry and, on some occasions, high heels.

Khadafy is a skittish traveler. He reportedly has a phobia of flying over water, demands to stay on the first floor of any hotel or house rented for him (he reportedly refuses to climb more than 35 steps) and insists that his plane not remain in the sky for longer than eight hour stretches.

Yet he loves cars. In 2009 he unveiled the Saroukh el Jamahiriya, the Libyan Rocket. He claimed, of course,imitation ladies daytona rolex, that it was the world's fastest car and could run for hundreds of miles on a flat tire.

With as many titles as Khadafy gave himself, those closest to him simply called him "Papa," according to Oksana Balinskaya, one of Khadafy's ubiquitous Ukrainian nurses who fled Tripoli in February and granted an interview to Russian newspapers.

In return for his servants' loyalty, "Papa" would provide them each with gold watches embossed with his face every year on the anniversary of his coming to power.

"People who have been working for him for six or eight years, they've got an entire collection already. You can only tell somebody who works for Papa by their watch," Balinskaya said.

For months after his people began rising against him, "Papa" maintained that Libyans love him. Any insurgency could be explained away easily: Al Qaeda operatives were clearly spiking protesters' drinks with hallucinatory pills.
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Faces 11 Charges Related To Protests

MONTREAL The activist daughter of a Quebec politician, facing charges following disruptive protests and vandalism, will spend the weekend behind bars.

Yalda Machouf Khadir faces 11 charges in connection with different events including break and enter, conspiracy, mischief, assaulting a police officer and assaulting a news photographer.

The 19 year old daughter of Amir Khadir, the sole elected member of the left wing party Quebec solidaire, looked bored as she leaned against the prisoners' dock, resting her head in her hands.

The Crown objected to her release and to the release of all but one of the people arrested this week for similar activities, so they will spend the weekend in jail until bail hearings Monday.

The charges against Machouf Khadir stem mainly from vandalism at the offices of former education minister Line Beauchamp, and from a separate case at Universite de Montreal.

Also charged on Friday were Xavier Beauchamp, 20; Simon Langlois,fake rolex oysterdate, 32; Zachary Daoust,rolex day date womens imitation, 22 and Andrea Pilote, 22. All five have pleaded not guilty.

Defence lawyers questioned the timing of the arrests and the multi day detention which means most will remain behind bars until after the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal this weekend. Protesters have promised to disrupt the high profile event considered the biggest and most lucrative annual tourist event in Canada,rolex daytona collection imitation.

"It's part of a spectacle orchestrated by the Montreal police," said lawyer Denis Poitras, noting that Machouf Khadir checks in with police every Monday as part of a previous bail condition when she was recently arrested after students stopped traffic on Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge.

"If they wanted to arrest her before, they could have easily done so. We understand that the arrest had everything to do with sending a message before the Grand Prix this weekend."

The police force wanted to send a message, Poitras said. The Crown did not comment on Friday. Montreal police have denied the arrests were timed with the F1 weekend activities.

"There are charges of assault and mischief," Poitras noted. "The accusations aren't banal as is, but when the weapon is a stick from a (protest) sign, that's not exactly a baton."

Student protests have been going on for well over 100 days. Many people are also up in arms over Bill 78, a temporary law introduced by the Charest government that sets rules on protesting.

Machouf Khadir's arrest came after her father was detained and fined during a protest declared illegal by police in Quebec City on Tuesday.

While Amir Khadir was not present Friday his wife, Nima Machouf, was there with a few dozen supporters.

Machouf acknowledged reporters Friday but didn't speak to them,rolex daytona 1992 imitation. She had told media a day earlier that she was worried her daughter's arrest came with the territory when one was involved in such a "resistance."

Amir Khadir has been one of the most outspoken critics of Bill 78 and the clan's downtown Montreal home has a sign on the front balcony that reads: "When injustice becomes the law, resistance becomes a duty."
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Bruce Davidson's photographs captured Harlem street life in the 1960s

In 1956,imitation oyster perpetual rolex, Bruce Davidson, who'd taken his first pictures at the age of 10, was drafted into the US Army. Stationed near Paris, he sought out Henri Cartier Bresson by then a pivotal figure in contemporary photography and so a stellar career began. By 1958, Davidson had become a full member of the Magnum photography co operative, which was co founded by Cartier Bresson in 1947 as a network for a new generation of independent and politicised photographers. The ethos of Magnum is tangible in Davidson's work, with its narration of real lives and events well beyond the constraints of a magazine's page layout, or the stylisation of a newspaper's front page image.

Davidson's contribution to photography is immense, and the essence of it is captured in the publication this month of Black This five volume set of books includes the key projects from Davidson's photographic journey that started in the late 1950s.

His first critical acclaim, which underpinned his award of the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 1961 and his 1966 solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York,fake oyster perpetual rolex watch, stemmed from his portrayal in 1961 of Brooklyn gangs,oyster perpetual rolex replica, and principally 'The Jokers', which occupies one volume of Black White.

Davidson was in his mid twenties when he photographed gang life on their block at 17th Street and 8th Avenue in Brooklyn, and at favourite hangouts on Coney Island and Prospect Park. It's a sign of his early capacity to blend into this alternative family that many gang members were undisturbed by his presence, showing their vulnerability and resilience on camera. This is a remarkably patient story of all of the facets of this gang community, in which the viewer is given a pungent sense of the emotional gamut of youth, and the good and bad luck that flavoured these young lives.

For many, Davidson's deepest influence on the story of photography was in his portrayal of the inhabitants of East 100th Street, Harlem, New York. In 1966 he received a grant from the US National Endowment for the Arts that, with the Guggenheim Fellowship scheme, have been the greatest institutional support of photography in and about America. The grant afforded Davidson the chance to spend two years working with the residents of East 100th Street and the developing stories of their lives. At the time, the neighbourhood's activists were beginning to succeed in their bid to redevelop cramped buildings and re house its families; the Metro North Citizen's Committee would later use Davidson's photographs as evidence of the terrible conditions on East 100th Street in negotiations with city officials.

Davidson used an old fashioned, large format camera on a tripod with a dark cloth for this project. He wanted a non aggressive camera and one where the act of taking a photograph was respectfully formal. The images are tonally rich and sharp, and there is a knowing irony in his use of an essentially 19th century technology to represent the Victorian living conditions of Harlem.

Black White also includes his 1958 portrayal of the American circus clown Jimmy Armstrong; his main independent project of the first half of the 1990s New York's Central Park when it was a neglected, civic embarrassment; his astounding photographs from 1961 to 1965 of the US civil rights movement.

For Davidson, who still prints all his photographs in his analogue darkroom in the corner of his New York kitchen, the process that he's undertaken over the past five years of editing and printing his archive has been an act of taking responsibility for how his contribution to photography is remembered. He describes the selection as "my museum", a retrospective shaping of a photographic journey including the images he "plain missed" in his hurried edits for the magazines that published his work. Davidson's intelligent revisiting of his archive and practical excitement at the alchemy of photography and its capacities to tell enduring stories is what makes him one of the most important photographers of our age.

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