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the London Stadium they have nothing but love for Mo Farah. On Saturday night Farah will race on the track there for the last Gump Worsley Womens Jersey time, in the 5,000m final, and whether he wins gold or not, the home fans will cheer every stride he takes. Here – where every roar carries an echo of 2012 – watching Farah run remains a straightforward pleasure, one people will pay a lot of money to experience. It is beyond the stadium walls that everything gets more complicated. Because out there not everyone is applauding. As Farah winds down his track career, his legacy and reputation have come to look as knotty and complicated as the tangled girders of the Orbit. Isaac Makwala makes final after beating illness as Farah does just enough Read more In 2014 the website ran a “doping perception poll”. It was designed to show whether their readers perceived athletes to be “clean” or “dirty”. A lot of elite athletes (and their agents) hate Letsrun. It is the place where running junkies go to talk about the sport and its message boards are filled with anonymous commentators sharing scurrilous accusations and scuttlebutt. They are a cynical lot but then a lot of athletics fans are, because they have been lied to so many times – by Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery and all the other athletes who were caught doping. Farah was one of the athletes Letsrun asked people to vote on. Of the 5,584 people who did, 56% thought he was “clean” and 44% thought he was “dirty”. Compare that with the polls for the two other great long distance runners of the modern era, Haile Gebrselassie and Kenenisa Bekele. Gebrselassie’s split was 73% “clean” to 27% “dirty” and Bekele’s 72% to 28%. Which does not mean Farah is doping, just that a lot of Letsrun’s readers think he is. And that is true in Britain too. Letsrun broke the results down by country. Among the 270 British voters, 64% thought Farah was clean, 36% did not. Farah has never failed a drugs test, a fact he has repeated again and again. The trouble is, a lot of athletes who later admitted to doping used to say that too. Marion Jones passed 160 tests in a row (though she did eventually fail one, in 2006) and used that very argument when she sued Victor Conte for defamation because he said he had seen her take human growth hormone. They settled out of court. The IAAF’s anti-doping programme was so flawed for so long that every competitor has been compromised. After Lance Armstrong a lot of sports fans feel that passing tests is not a defence that passes muster. That is not Farah’s fault but it is his problem. Because, hard as this is for his many fans to hear, his career invites scrutiny. To understand why, you need to go back a decade, to 2007. That year Farah set a personal best of 13min 7sec. That ranks, now, just within the thousand fastest times ever run. There is no hard rule about when a distance runner reaches his peak but a study of 72 elite 5,000m runners published in 2011 found the mean average age for the peak performance in that group was 24 years old, which is the age Farah was when he ran that PB. At the world championships in Osaka that year Farah finished sixth in the 5,000m. At the world championships in Berlin in 2009 he finished seventh. By then he was 26. It is hard for an athlete to make a leap forward at that age but Farah did. In 2010, when he was 27, Farah lowered his PB by 9.6sec and then in 2011, when he was 28, he cut it again by another 4.83sec. He explained the biggest reason for the improvements was that he had spent his winters training in Kenya and Ethiopia. It was also said he had become a lot more disciplined in his training and more dedicated to his careerBy then Farah had also joined Nike’s Oregon Project and started working under Alberto Salazar. “I believe he can just make that half-per-cent difference to get close to a medal,” Farah explained. Salazar did more than that. He turned Farah from the best distance runner in Britain into the best distance runner in the world. Farah won his first world championship title at Daegu in 2011, in the 5,000m. There was a lot of talk about the biomechanical changes Salazar had made to Farah’s technique, especially for his last-lap sprints, and the advanced machinery Farah was now using in training: underwater treadmills, cryogenic chambers and the like. Advertisement There was less discussion of Salazar’s medical and supplementation programmes. The details of those started to come out only in 2015, when ProPublica and BBC Panorama published a joint investigation in which two whistleblowers accused Salazar of experimenting with doping aids and of giving athletes prescription medicines they did not need. Salazar and the Oregon Project are still under investigation by the Unites States Anti-Doping Agency. An interim report, leaked earlier this year, gave an insight into how Salazar seemed to have been pushing the boundaries of what may be considered ethically permissible. Then in 2016 another coach, Jama Aden, was arrested in Spain. Police found the banned performance-enhancing drug EPO in the room of one of his athletes. Farah had worked with Aden when he first started training in Kenya and had also visited his training camp in Spain. Aden was described as an “unofficial facilitator” whose only job was to hold a stopwatch while Farah ran laps. “He’s not a close friend of mine,” Farah said but in his autobiography, published in 2014, he had said he and Aden “had known each other for years” and there are several photos of the two of them together. The apparent inconsistencies were unsettling. As the athletics analyst Ross Tucker argues: “I’ve seen people saying Farah can’t escape the association but that his legacy would have been much stronger and healthier were it not for Salazar. However, I don’t see how that argument even exists. This is a man who midway through his career was working with one of Great Britain’s best coaches, and whose ceiling appeared to be finals of major global championships and European success. Whatever has been achieved to earn the legacy [and by medals, it is the greatest track career ever] is the result of Salazar and the training camps and so forth.” Tucker, a high-performance sports science consultant, is hosting the Inside Lane podcast for Runners World during these championships. Aside from Farah’s associations with Salazar and Aden, there are other disturbing details. In 2015 it emerged Farah had missed two drugs tests, one in 2010 and another in 2011, which happened, he explained, because he had not heard the testers ringing his doorbell. Earlier this year Farah’s biological passport details were leaked to the press. They showed in 2015 Farah’s results had been flagged as “likely doping” but that, in April 2016, they had been checked and flagged as “normal with the last sample”. Farah’s spokesperson said “any suggestion of misconduct is entirely false and seriously misleading. Mo Farah has been subject to many blood tests during his career and has never failed a single one.” It all adds up to a long list of hard questions. Farah says he is sick of answering them. Which is one reason why he made the curious decision to hire Freuds to help manage his PR. Farah has released a limited range of his blood test results for public scrutiny, he has reiterated he is committed to clean sport and, of course, he has passed every test he has ever taken. Aside from formally separating himself from Salazar, he must wonder Authentic Kyle Brodziak Womens Jersey what more he can do. Because in the past three years Farah has come under more scrutiny than any other athlete on the circuit and, at the end of it, he is still subject to suspicion. Loud as the sound will be when he runs on Saturday, listen harder, outside the stadium, and it may start to sound just a little thin
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11 Cadogan Gardens

Sometimes it happens hotels grow on one. I start off by being quite determinedly anti, and by the time I leave, I feel quite differently.

Take 11 Cadogan Gardens, which has just unveiled a major refurbishment. Here's an address that I have passed countless times without confession even realising that it was a hotel. I thought I knew Chelsea, my stamping ground: plainly I don't. Eleven Cadogan Gardens, which in fact comprises four adjoining red brick Victorian town houses, is a shopping bag's swing from the King's Road, Sloane Square and The Mothership, otherwise known as Peter Jones. It backs on to Pavilion Road, London's longest mews, once full of stables, and it exists in a part of town that I think of as formerly bohemian, now smart, but still homely and fun.

So here I am, toddling away from The Mothership with a couple of items, when I reach No fake Bulgari B.Zero1 jewelry 11 and enter what appears to be the House of Usher. It strikes me Bvlgari B.ZERO1 Ring replica as terribly dark, with almost black wood panelling, black staircase, gloomy lighting. As I adjust, and check in from a comfy chair at reception, I realise that it's also glossy, dramatic and really rather quirky but I find it so unexpectedly different from its surrounding that I feel disorientated.

And then I meet William. And after William, I meet Richie. They do not belong in the House of Usher; they are Chelsea through and through. William, a scholarly type who would not look amiss in the wonderful bookshop Sandoe around the corner, takes me to my room and points out an old tack door still visible in Pavilion Road, below. He runs through all the amenities in the room, as he has been trained to do, and then declares that he's sure he has forgotten something. Suddenly he brightens. "I know," he says, standing to attention with a big smile, "my name is William and I am at your service," and he disappears. Richie, whom I meet later, is another character and one of London's great concierges. "There's nothing that man cannot do," wrote one grateful guest, "he even got us tickets for midnight mass at the Vatican."

I'm beginning to warm. My bedroom, like the other 55, is a bit of a mish mash decoratively, but it's individual (each one is different) and has personality in a way that so many carefully conceived luxury hotel bedrooms don't, and the marble bathroom is a beauty. It feels yes, smart, but homely and fun. Downstairs there's a glossy bar and several sitting rooms and even their shadowy opulence begins to grow on me, though I could do without the battered old portraits, and all that dark wood, bashed and chipped in places despite the refurb. But there are more quirky touches: a wonderfully unexpected Replica Bvlgari B.zero1 ring pink gold Mirror Room, all gilt and glass, and an outdoor terrace.

And then we walk downstairs to the hotel's restaurant, Tartufo, hoping not to find an entombed bride, Usher style. Not a bit of it: here the panelling has been painted cream to create a light and replica Bulgari Serpenti jewelery comfortable space (for breakfast as well), with the most delicious and well prepared Italian food, strong on truffles. Just the place for ladies to lunch after a trip to The Mothership.
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Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace

There are many ways to discover the shops that are at Caesar's Palace. The Shops, Appian Way Shops and Caesar's Luxury Collection Online are the various ways. There are one hundred and twenty shops at Caesar's, which is called the Shopping Wonder of the World. They feature the top designers of the world, from Kate Spade to Louis Vuitton. Jimmy Choo and Valentino have their creations on display at the wonderful shopping area.Besides shopping at the there are at least thirteen restaurants and food shops. An expansion of 175,000 square feet extended the area to Las Vegas Boulevard. It created a pedestrian plaza replica cartier ring love that is one of the entrances for the Shops.The high arched ceilings are painted blue like the sky. The Roman dycor is complemented with beautiful fountains that remind shoppers of the fountains in Italy. A light show knock off cartier love ring men is performed at one of the fountains nightly. This multi level shopping mecca has marble floors and many Roman statues. A huge fish tank is located in the Shops area. Shoppers can visit the Exotic Cars across from the fish tanks. Roman arches lead shoppers from area to area.There are stores that sell accessories such as Anthropologie, ring cartier fake Coach, Davante, Michael Kors, Montblanc, Scruples and Pandora. Swarovski Crystal and Swatch are also at the Shops. Cards, books, stationery and gifts can be found at the Essentials at The , cartier leve ring replica Gifts Sundries, Magnet Maximus and Swarovski Crystal.Children's clothiers are well represented with GapKids, Kids Kastle and Vilebrequin. Toys for kids can be found at FAO Schwarz. Bath products and more are available at Bath Body Works, Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics and Perfumes by Christian Dior.Jewelry for everyone's tastes can be found at Bvlgari, Cartier, De Beers, Harry Winston, Tiffany Co, Vicci Fine Jewelry and Hyde Park. Clothes from every designer are at the Shops: Armani, BOSS Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, D G, DKNY, Dolce Gabbana, Ermengildo Zegna, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Tommy Bahama and Versace Jeans Couture. Gianni Versace will have a store opening soon in the Shops. Sales are part of the shopping experience at the Shops.Restaurants that feature sit down dining include: BOA Steakhouse, Il Mulino New York, La Salsa, Planet Hollywood, Trevi Italian Restaurant, Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak Stone Crab plus the Cheesecake Factory. Specialty food can be purchased at Cafy Della Spiga, Fat Tuesday, Vosges Haut Chocolat and Casa Fuente.When shoppers are tired they can retire to the hotel for a relaxing swim in the pool or play a slot machine or table game at the casino. There are also many restaurants at the hotel that can provide you with twenty four hour dining at the cafy or French cuisine. The Cafy Lago Buffet is an all you can eat dining option as well. If guests have a sweet tooth the place to go is Payard Patisserie Bistro, where there are delicious chocolates and pastries.
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    Who is Kate Moss's new lodger

    It looks like Kate Moss has a new lodger. And he is a Count. Nikolai von Bismarck, 28, is said to be living in the basement of Moss's Highgate home. He is the son of Moss's close friend and mentor Debonnaire (yes, really) and rent in London being what it is, she decided to invite him into the place she shares with her daughter Lila Grace, 13.

    But is Moss, 41, more than just his landlady? Von Bismarck accompanied her to the opening of Richard Caring's Sexy Fish restaurant in Berkeley Square last week; they nursed their hangovers over a pub lunch in the Cotswolds.

    Moss never complains, never explains, and her camp has not confirmed that she has separated from her husband, musician Jamie Hince. But they haven't been seen together in public since early summer, and whispers about break ups are turning into assumed truths.

    So is Moss playing by the mantra "The best way to get over someone is to get off with a mate's 28 year old son"? His mother aside, the pair have plenty of mutual friends, but since you probably don't, here's everything you need to know about Nik.

    Londoner Nikolai is the eldest of the four Bizzy boys. They often wear matching clothes and call him Nick Nock. He went to Harrow the same school as actor Benedict Cumberbatch, where fees are 36,150 a year.

    Paparazzi are waiting to catch a shot of him with Moss but NvB is more used to being behind the camera he is rarely seen without one around his neck. He started taking photos at 13, visiting the Maasai in Kenya. Even then, he was resourceful he heard the tribe believed photos stole their soul and took a Polaroid so that they could keep the snaps (probably worth a bit on eBay).

    Being an aristo doesn't preclude hard work at 16, he had a holiday job assisting fashion photographer Mario Testino, shooting New York strippers. He played Leonard Cohen songs and refused to talk to his subjects to create moody pieces.

    Another model is his friend Princess Beatrice. She chose him to photograph her official 18th birthday portrait and his art teacher gave him a shout out for it in the Harrow newsletter. Nik and Bea hiked the Inca Trail together on his gap year, cue rumours about a royal romance. But there was no time to let that develop because he was off to hone his skills at Parsons art school in Paris and then help out Annie Leibovitz in New York. The Duchess of Cambridge did work experience with him.

    One blot on his CV is social networking. Don't bother looking for him on Facebook he uses it under a pseudonym. Reportedly, he was once banned from the site after a fracas around a group whose name might have been considered racist.

    His first solo exhibition, In Ethiopia, was at 12 Francis Street in Victoria two years ago. Fatima Bhutto, Ronnie Wood, Jerry Hall and family friends Pixie and Bob Geldof came to show support and a reviewer called his work "provoking and personal, featuring countless art historical references" so all that education paid off. The pictures were taken while he lived in Ethiopia and he has fond memories of that time:

    "I drank cow's blood for breakfast and slept in a tent that was guarded by kids with AK 47s. I painted with them, drank ouzo with them, fired guns with them I became one of them." It's a long way from Chelsea.

    Nikolai's mother, Countess Debonnaire von Bismarck, has "the best Bulgari copy B.zero1 Diamond ring name in the history of toffdom", squeals Tatler. The 56 year old prefers to go by Debbie, though her appointment only Knightsbridge shop bears the full complement of syllables. The boutique sells handcrafted accessories sourced abroad: slippers made in Lebanon, jewellery from Jaipur, kaftans from Ibiza. Prices are on application, obvs. Moss calls Mummy von B "a one off" and has loyally supported her at fashion events since forever.

    An editor who sat next to the aristocrat at a dinner to celebrate the launch of a Kate Moss collection for Topshop says she was charming, and spent the whole evening talking about "her boys".

    She moonlights as a stylist and choreographed Nikolai's fashion debut, casting her son in a shoot for Tatler in 2006, entitled Like a Virgin. Nikolai, then 18, co starred with three models wearing pure white, frothy confections so he won't be intimidated by sharing living quarters with a supermodel.

    A source suggests that it is to Debbie that Kate goes when she's in need of mentorship and direction. Moss, who is a contributor at Vogue, convinced her friend to open her 7 million Chelsea house for a shoot in the magazine's December 2014 issue (Kate's World). Moss called it London's most glamorous party house. The model apparently has a portrait of Debbie in her own home and when Moss was commissioned to design the interior of luxury getaway The Barnhouse in the Cotswolds this year (prices starting at 2.5 million) she turned to Debbie for advice.

    Von Bismarck is at the centre Bvlgari ring copy of the Venn that connects Moss's Primrose Hill set with the international art and aristocratic groups that party in London.

    Testino taught Debs to pose, which came in handy when she modelled for milliner Philip Treacy's eponymous coffee table book, nearly naked with

    a feathered headdress and a plump diamond ring

    on her wedding finger. Treacy wrote: "Countess Debonnaire von Bismarck commissioned this hat for her rainforest themed birthday party at home in London. Debbie has a celebratory approach to dressing. She thinks it's rude not to make an effort."

    A friend describes Nik as "sweet". His circle is a mix of family friends and the art crowd. He celebrated his last birthday in Mustique with his brothers, Jamie Hince, and Mary and Robbie Furze. They wore feathered headdresses, danced on the beach and saw the sunrise. But he also likes catching up with culture, which EastEnders fan Moss will appreciate.

    Kate and Nik have plenty of other mutual friends, such as model Annabelle Neilson and Sadie Frost, and then there is the royal connection. As well as long term best friend Beatrice, art dealer Blaise Patrick is his wingman. He used to date Prince Harry's ex, Chelsy Davy, but they are all friends now.

    This gentleman prefers blondes. His last big romance was replica Bvlgari B.Zero1 jewelry with golden haired Theodora Richards, now 30, the daughter of Rolling Stone Keith. Back in the early Noughties they were regulars on the London social scene but now she lives in New York. He has since been linked to Moss's colleague Cara Delevingne.

    While Moss is from Croydon, Nikolai's roots are in Bavaria. His great great grandfather was Otto von Bismarck, the statesman and chancellor credited with the (first) unification of Germany in the late 19th century.

    More recently, the family has endured grief and scandal. In 2007 the partially decomposed body of Gottfried von Bismarck, Nikolai's cousin, was found at his 5 million Chelsea home three days after his death; a pathologist told a hearing that the body contained the highest level of cocaine he had seen.

    Gottfried read PPE at Christ Church College, Oxford. There he was a member of the Piers Gaveston dining society and the Bullingdon Club.

    In 1986 his friend Olivia Channon an heiress and the daughter of late former Tory minister Paul Channon died of a heroin overdose in his rooms. He was fined and left Oxford immediately; he reportedly "wept like a child" at her funeral. A year before Gottfried died, Replica Bvlgari ring diamonds a man called Anthony Casey fell from a balcony of his Chelsea home at a party. Casey reportedly had a "substantial" amount of cocaine in his body.

    Coroner Dr Paul Knapman stated that there was a room in the flat containing items including sex toys, a butane gas canister and a box of syringes. He added, "in common parlance, in the early hours of the morning, there was a gay orgy going on," and recorded a verdict of misadventure.

    Today, the von Bismarcks are based in London. Nikolai's father, Count Leopold von Bismarck Schnhausen, 64, married Debbie in 1984; the two live in Belgravia. Don't worry about remembering his full name, everyone calls him Bolly; Tatler explains that he looks "fetching in a fez".

    Nikolai is their eldest child, followed by Tassilo, 26, a client relations manager at investment firm North American Western Asia Holdings. He once interned for former Republican presidential nominee John McCain.
    missok Aug 11 '17
    Boston Globe Magazine

    If weddings are about the future, why do many bridal gowns seem stuck in the past? Tradition calls for sweetheart necklines, puffy sleeves, and a beaded band for a headpiece. But modern times call for more modern attire. That doesn't mean you have to look like Judy Jetson. Instead, forgo the image of a cake top princess for something more assertive: Say Princess Leia, the heroine of the Rebel Alliance, wearing a draping hood. Or a gown with floaty floor length sleeves that reach far into the millennium. Or even one that will have your guests asking themselves a modified version of the grocery store question: Strapless or plastic? Look closely to see clear over the shoulder rigging, a futuristic approach to security.

    Solitaires. Emerald cuts. Tiffany settings.

    It used to be as easy and boring as that. But rings today have become expressive pieces of design with very contemporary twists. You can even buy a ring with German engineering.

    "People have really gotten away from the classic diamond with cartier ring men fake two baguettes," says George Pelz, an owner of Pageo Jewelers in Newton Centre. "We hardly sell any of those anymore." Instead, Pelz says, consumers are drawn to architectural concepts by designers such as Whitney Boin, whose "post" ring lets a diamond drop through a bezeled circle, secured by two posts welded to a platinum band. It looks risky, but it's very secure, the jeweler insists.

    "That's the ring that really put him on the map," Pelz says of the designer. With a 1 carat diamond, the ring costs about $10,000.

    Niessing is a ring cartier fake German jewelry design house with a bold philosophy: A ring, especially one worn every day, should say more than just that its wearer is off the market. Niessing's "tension" rings, a style patented in 1981, have soared in popularity recently. The ring's diamond looks precarious as it virtually floats, squeezed between ends of the band with nothing but air at the bottom point of the stone.

    Susan Monk, manager of Quadrum in The Mall at Chestnut Hill, says the diamond is held in place by 50 pounds of pressure, while traditional prongs exert as little as 15 pounds of pressure. "They guarantee the setting," Monk says, adding that the stone needs to be well cut. Prices start at about $2,500.

    Another Niessing design is made of platinum covered in a delicate skin of gold, which will change with wear like a marriage. And that's the point.

    Even Tiffany Co. has updated its classic engagement ring, streamlining the look into the Lucida, which the company calls "reminiscent and modern," a marriage of the old and the new. Cathy Hagan, vice president of Tiffany Co. at Copley Place, says the ring is for those who want something that will endure without being boring.

    Cartier says customers are curious about its two recently introduced modern engagement rings. "They're asking for something a little different more often than not, " says Christopher Shepherd, manager of the Cartier store on Newbury Street.

    In one of the new rings, the diamond appears to float in a four pronged setting, because the basket is set into the band rather than soldered on top of it. "If you look at it from the side, it's architecturally a beautiful ring," Shepherd says. The second new design, the Declaration ring, has a tension setting. Shepherd says the ring "is being gobbled up."ufdotBy Sheryl Julian

    When Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones married in November, the bride according to her wedding planner wanted the day to be "dramatic but intimate." Intimate? With 350 guests and a price tag in the millions? Hardly. Dramatic? Yes. The wedding cake was 10 tiers high towering 6 feet tall and covered in flowers that resembled the bridal party's bouquets.

    Today, says Suzi Parks, who makes bridal gowns and wedding cakes for her Boston company Wedding Angels, a cake isn't simply a cake. It has to go with something the theme of the wedding, the architecture of the location, even the trim on the bridal gown. "I often take details from the dress and put them onto the cake," says Parks. "People don't go, Oh look! It's just like her dress.' But a few people notice the small details."

    It's all in the details, says Ursula Argyropoulos of Ursula Art of the Cake in Boston. Several times recently, couples have asked Argyropoulos to reproduce their pets on the cake. Using gum paste, which was popular in Europe fake cartier jewelry two centuries ago and can be shaped like Play Doh, Argyropoulos can fashion a dog, for instance. She works from photographs and from what the couple tell her about their pet. A shy dog, then, might be hiding somewhere on the cake; a troublemaker might be nibbling something he shouldn't.

    Argyropoulos often works with very bright colors to match the flowers in a centerpiece or to go with another theme.

    Parks works with fondant, the shiny satinlike icing found on classic French petits fours. "I deal with it like I do fabric," she says. "I drape it a lot."

    Her cakes can look like a tablecloth cartier love diamond ring replica whose skirt hugs the floor, with intricate trim on the bottom, but somehow that trim and the look of the cake is connected to the wedding. She'll match cakes to a gilded old mansion, add vines and ivy for outdoor weddings, make something grand for a reception in a cathedral ceilinged ballroom.

    Lately, copying a trend that began in Manhattan (where else?), brides have asked Argyropoulos to make individual wedding cakes for the guests. "They're very, very labor intensive," says the baker. The bottom layer is about 2 inches in diameter, the top tier about 1 inches. "It's like a petit four in a slightly larger serving," Argyropoulos says. The cost? "It's for brides with money to burn. Each one is $25."
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    Wayde van Niekerk said he felt upset and disrespected by his rival Isaac Travis Shaw Jersey Makwala who suggested he was part of a conspiracy that saw the Botswana athlete excluded from the 400m final. The usually calm Van Niekerk was visibly tearful and angry, speaking after taking 200m silver behind the shock victor, Ramil Guliyev of Turkey. He dismissed Makwala’s assertion that athletics’ world governing body the IAAF had unfairly quarantined him with a sickness bug to pave the way for Van Niekerk to take 400m gold. “It really did upset me a bit because I have always shown him massive respect and for him to mention my name in something fishy, as an IAAF favourite is unfair,” said Van Niekerk, “I’ve been putting out great performances for the last two years now so I think I deserve way more respect from my competitors. I want to compete and I’m not here to make friends, so I learned a great lesson, to focus on myself and not letting negative things affect meMeanwhile, the newly crowned champion Guliyev was forced to defend Turkey’s record on doping. The 26-year-old, who switched allegiance to Turkey from Azerbaijan in 2011, completed a lap of honour draped in flags from both countries, taking gold in 20.09sec. There are legitimate questions about his adopted country’s record on doping with four of the nine Turkish track and field finalists at London 2012 banned for doping either before or subsequently. Ramil Guliyev pips Wayde van Niekerk to win 200m at world championships Read more In a newspaper interview last week, Paula Radcliffe called for drastic to be taken. She said: “When you look at those [cheats] from 2012, then 80% of those come from four countries: Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus. But only one of those countries has been banned. That has to go further.” Defenders of Guliyev would point out he ran 20.04 to win the European Junior Championships in 2009 while still running for Azerbaijan and his best time as a youth athlete of 19.93 has been bettered only by Usain Bolt. “Every athlete is choosing their own way,” he said, “nobody is pushing anyone to do anything the right way or the wrong way, you are responsible for your own actionsProof that the 99th US PGA Championship will not be the domain of only two players should not have been necessary. Nonetheless, such a prompt was probably useful. Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy, the dynamic duo who dominated pre-tournament discussion, matched opening-round scores. That the number in question is 72, one-over par, is hardly cause to rule either of them out of lifting the Wanamaker Trophy but it will also offer incentive to others in the field. The early signs are this will be an attritional major. US PGA Championship 2017: first round – as it happened Thorbjorn Olesen and Kevin Kisner share the lead after a tough first day at Quail Hollow. Scott Murray was watching Read more Denmark’s Thorbjorn Olesen, a player with a distinctly average record in the final major of the year, heads proceedings with Kevin Kisner, of the USA, at minus four. Among the big names to hover with intent are Paul Casey and Rickie Fowler, who are two from the lead. The relatively high state of the scoring illustrated another point; that changes as made to Quail Hollow in the past year, particularly on the greens, render this a very different venue to the one McIlroy has enjoyed such success on. “These greens are trickier than Augusta National,” observed Adam Scott. The 2013 Masters champion did not seem to mean this as a compliment. McIlroy had been in fine position at two under before a stumble which in many respects epitomised the frustrations of his season. The Northern Irishman found water from the 14th tee en route to a double bogey, with chances to atone for that error passed up on the par five 15th and the last two holes. Fowler, playing alongside McIlroy and Jon Rahm, recovered superbly from a triple-bogey seven at the 5th. Rahm is one under. “I’m just disappointed with that [bad] stretch, but I’m right in it,” said McIlroy. “It wasn’t very easy. It was tough. The greens were difficult. They got very grainy as the day went on as well. If you just hit a putt a tiny bit off line, it exaggerated it. It was tough to hole putts this afternoon. Hopefully the surfaces are a little better tomorrow morning and we can hopefully hole some more putts. I’m only five behind; this is a tough golf course.” Spieth, who formed part of the morning wave, endured a poor day with putter in hand. Yes, it really does happen. “I’m pretty solid with the lead,” he said. “So that was kind of the goal, to grab the lead. It’s much easier when you are on the front page of the leaderboard than it is coming from behind. Given Trevor Cahill Womens Jerseyit’s the first round I know I’m still in it but I know that tomorrow’s round becomes that much more important to work my way [up] and stay in it. I’ve got to make up ground. I can’t putt any worse than I did today
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