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The popularity lingerie China of bralettes has come at a great time for lingerie retailers looking to appease price-conscious shoppers. For one, they often come in traditional sizes of small, medium, large, reducing complexity. “They are a more value-oriented product, sort of cheap and cheerful, fun fashion,” says Aerie’s Foyle, who adds that the company also invested in lightly-lined bras without expensive molded cups. “We really forecasted that the pushup category was looking old,” she says. “We dominated [with bralettes] first and because of that, we were able to balance out our [average unit retail] strategy very nicely.” Cordeiro Grant says the bralette category is here to stay, but that current growth will plateau at some point. “Skinny jeans are a mainstay, not a trend,” she says. “I think bralettes are the same way.”

People do tend to want a level of service or insight or knowledge or instruction around lingerie.

“I think there’s a lot of accessibility now in this category, especially with bralettes and so forth, lingerie China in terms of price, and that’s kind of why we play where we are,” says Cordeiro Grant, adding that most of Lively’s bras cost the customer somewhere in the mid-$20s. “As we continue to move into more and more sizes, it becomes more complicated and more expensive.”

Amazon has a history of tackling complicated and expensive categories, but will the particular challenges of lingerie prove tricky?


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