How Do You Think About Nexons


Date & time Jan 21 '16
Albany, NY
Creator TamamShamoon

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Nexons general policy with screw-ups of this nature is to "screw and forget". Theyve done it before lots of times and theyll continue to do it lots more. They flat out ignore players and just sweep it all under the rug. Never admitting their mistakes. Never correcting their mistakes. Or at best only offering begrudging half hearted pseudo fixes. Like how they recently made the androids purchasable... only not because getting 3,000 coins is effectively impossible unless youre one of the < .01% of the maple population who was opening thousands of red boxes in the first week of the event.

No surprise either that nexon is an asian based company. For those that don't know asians are notorious for scam artistry on sites like eBay. Theyre almost solely responsible for the "brick in a box" scam. Sort of like how nigerians are known internet wide as the largest purveyors of the "419 scam", asians are known internet wide as the largest purveyors of the "brick in a box" scam.

The box looks shiny, looks like youre getting something good, feels heavy, you trust it has inside what it shows on the outside... but then you go to open it up and... brick. A great big dirty brick is inside. Thats nexon in a nutshell. is one of the best Maplestory Mesos, Account, Item and powerleveling sellers, Really cheap MS2 Mesos price


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