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TamamShamoon Jan 19

We are dissatisfied about the unexplained snail crawl toward fixing things that obviously need priority, and what we get is new content stacked on top of already highly problematic broken and buggy content, further complicating things that should be fixed before new content is ever considered for release. The dissatisfaction is directed toward the employees/management with their pell-mell priorities, not the core concept of the game itself, which is simply magnificent and we all love.

You're gonna be in business? You're gonna hear the voices of the customers. The bigger the business, the more you hear. Sitting there feeling sorry for Nexon's faults isn't changing anything, and neither is throwing down emotional bulwarks on the forums in an attempt to block and negate our relevant opinions and suggestions. People get whiny about it some times, yes, but that's just human nature. Expect it.

Recently we heard that they are giving us Cheap MapleStory Mesos. That sounds hopeful and promising I'll admit, but we have yet to see how competent the brave soul is coming in to help explain and deal with the current nasty mess. I have high hopes.

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